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:( *strive* to make the students uncomfortable/embarrassed/stressed/miserable in clinicals??? In all fairness, *I* am not a "mark". There are a few in our group that our clinical instructor has... Read More

  1. by   shellsgogreen
    wow, after reading a lot of these posts, i'm starting to wonder if it's the same professors making their rounds...heh....i've had the really really good vs the really really lazzzzzzy...one spent half the clinicals telling us stories - which were actually sort of interesing, but hardly the appopriate setting and for the love of all things nursing, would she just shut up and let us take care of our patients?
  2. by   CityKat
    I had a clinical instructor like that and I ALSO currently have an instructor like that. The first time, I switched out of the clinical because I had to work one day and THANK GOD, the clinical director was understanding of that and allowed me to switch out
    This time around though, the professor belittles me. My biggest fear is giving children injections. I don't plan on being a pediatric nurse for reasons because I love children and I can't bear the thought of hurting one. She told me I would fail clinical if I didn't get the experience giving pediatirc shots in the community. She even went to the director about my "attitude" about it. All of the girls in the clinical know that I in no way have an attitude and stuck up for me. When she did that, it backfired on her. The director told her it was her job to "show me the way" and work with my fears as a student.
    Now, with three weeks left in the clinical, I have proven her wrong on every single facet and she's a different person with me now. She lost her mother in the beginning, so perhaps I was her vent? Either way, I had to just focus on everything she was critical about and turn it around. I don't know why professors chose to be like that. But in my case, it backfired on her. Everything is good in my clinical now
  3. by   lkh614
    Maybe I can help shed some light.... I am a clinical instructor and I agree that there is absolutely no reason to embarass and humiliate students. My belief is that if you embarass a student for asking one question, it is highly unlikely that anyone else will ask a question. How sad and what learning opportunities are missed! Most of the students I have are hard workers and really want to succeed. As I said, I am a clinical instructor, but I also am actively in the clinical setting as a working nurse. I think this makes a huge difference. Sometimes it seems that instructors that are not in the clinical work force anymore get very threatened by the students asking questions. I know my students keep me on my toes! But, they make me laugh(in a good way) and I hope I make them laugh too. I know I am starting to ramble so I will just say... keep up the good work, do your best, and just know that school won't last forever!!
  4. by   missglitter
    I had this kind of experience too and my instructor told me to quite becos i am not suitable for this field..she said i am a very careless student who have never done everything well-prepared before..i was very discouraged and decided to quite but my classmates stopped me and they said the instuctors told nearly half of her students to quit ..(just remind that i was a year one student at that time..in semester 1, 0 experience in the clinical)..It really cant expect we students to act like an experienced nurse, its impossible. we have to learn.
    But, some instuctors said that this is a "tradition" i donno whether it is true or not. ha, anyway , be tough, studying nursing i think sometimes is a training for our EQ
  5. by   lkh614
    It is my belief that an "Instructor" is being paid to instruct. If it is "tradition" to tell encourage your students to quit, it might be time to look at staring some new traditions! Also, if you weren't in the process of learning, you wouldn't be called a "student".
  6. by   lkh614
    Sorry for the poor spelling and grammar... you see, instructors certainly are human and most assuredly fallible!
  7. by   bisson
    in all honesty, i think some instructors are just stressed out and annoyed.

    my instructor was brutal to me, she made me sweat while asking me a million questions about a procedure that i just done. i thought she was just tormenting me, but i later found out that she just picks one person each week to scrutinize, i just happen to be her target 2 times in a row. end result - we did everything we were suppose to do in our clinicals while other groups played around the whole semester. we got everything down packed and never slacked because we knew she would eat us alive. now i'm greatful for her, and i will miss her. i know next semester i will probably get one of these that doesn't ask you anything or teaches you anything important.
  8. by   lkh614
    Stressed out and annoyed about what? I teach because it is so much less stressful than working in the ER which is my primary job. If they are that annoyed with students then they need to quit teaching. Don't get me wrong... I expect a lot from my students, but in turn, they expect a lot from me.
  9. by   classicaldreams
    Quote from lkh614
    Stressed out and annoyed about what? I teach because it is so much less stressful than working in the ER which is my primary job. If they are that annoyed with students then they need to quit teaching. Don't get me wrong... I expect a lot from my students, but in turn, they expect a lot from me.
    After graduation, I realized what little value nursing school holds among working nurses. We all remember the instructor who bullied and intimidated, and the nurses I work with make fun of some of the silliness taught in nursing school--like how to hold a washcloth while bathing patients. This, in combination with the fact that nursing school teaches you such very little clinical skills. Wish nursing would wake up and take a closer look at the skills needed in the clinical setting. I was an older student having switched careers and you would have thought I was some irresponsible child the way I was treated sometimes. Ridiculous.
  10. by   lilypad2424
    Gosh. I feel for you guys. As if school isn't hard enough, having to deal with women that have a chip on their shoulder is rough. It makes me feel very blessed to have the instructors that I do. All of my teachers are very friendly and willing to help.
  11. by   WDWpixieRN
    I feel like all I do is annoy my instructor when I ask questions in clinical -- "Can you listen to the lung sounds w/me and tell me what you hear (or verify my interpretation)?" (lung cancer pt w/pneumonia and it's NOISY!), or "Help me discern what I'm seeing on a pt's implant that's infected?"....to get the snort, sigh, and rolling of the eyes is very intimidating and makes me feel like perhaps I'm not cut out for this career if I can't do this after 9 days of clinical work this first semester....thankfully, the other students seem to feel the same, so I'll hang around a bit longer, but I hate feeling ignorant -- or being treated like I am ignorant....
  12. by   lkh614
    Please understand... not all instructors teach just for the joy of making nursing school Hell for the student. I teach because I enjoy the students and they make me a better nurse. If there is any eye rolling or snide comments they need to be addressed. That is not appropriate in any educational setting...period. I strongly encourage any student that truly feels he or she is being treated unjustly to communicate that to the instructor. Now, if you feel that way after you have been found to be totally unprepared for clinical and potentially dangerous to your assigned pt, then that is a whole different story.
  13. by   peterpiper78
    Quote from nUsingsTudent021
    I can soooo relate. I have had a one really rude CI. The rotation I am in now the CI is also my lecture instructor. She is nice in class and will laugh, joke, and share stories with you, but in clinical it is like she is a different person. I can't stand it. She will snap at you but then in post clinical she acts like she is your best friend. I don't know if I can take it much more. thank god I only have 5 more weeks with her.

    funny, i wonder if we go to the same school in california and have the same instructor. i too am in my second semester and i have a CI that fits the bill. i wonder...