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I am! January 5:uhoh21: I start the real nursing classes and clinicals(finished the generals and that already). Who's with me?? :lol2:... Read More

  1. by   amyk_ncsu
    I start the 8th...yikes, less than three weeks left!!!
  2. by   jms79
    I start my first semester of nursing school Jan 18 Im nervous. I have no idea if we have an orientation or anything havent received anything from the school even when we registered for the first class
  3. by   luv4nursing
    I start the LPN to RN transition program Jan 8. Im not as excited as I thought I would be, so I have to work on my motivation lol. One more year!
  4. by   LilNurse2b143
    [font=franklin gothic medium]i start january 22!!! i have all my pre-reqs done except nutrition. i don't know if i'm more excited or nervous!! people tell me the 2 years flyyyy - let's hope so!
    [font=franklin gothic medium] :icon_wink: happy holidays everyone!!!
  5. by   Marguerite
    I start my nursing classes of a five semester nursing program January 8th. I am very excited and ready to get the ball rolling. I am also looking forward to not getting much sleep.:xmas_smilies_daz: I am planning on doing a TKO when the NCLEX gets here. Good luck to all of you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   nursecher
    I start nursing school Jan. 2nd. I finished all pre-req's this past semester. I am so excited I could burst, and so nervous I could.......

    My program is 16 months accelerated RN. I'm thinking it should go fast.
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  7. by   tntech1
    Let's see I have I have 11 days until school starts for me!!!! I am so excited and nervous . Let's all keep in touch and let everyone know how the first week, day or whatever goes. I hope we all have a good experience and that it will be all we expected it to be. I know I am asking for too much here and that things will not be what any of us will expect.
  8. by   SCAngel
    I start Jan 8!! I am so excited
  9. by   dawnelle
    Starting January 22 and can't wait :Snowman3:
  10. by   Spoiled1
    I just found out yesterday that I will be starting January 8th! I am SOOO excited. I was originally waitlisted, but a spot became available and they offered it to me. WOOHOOO!!!!!! Good luck to everyone!
  11. by   allthingsbright
    Congrats to all starting from this Dec. 2007 graduate (I hope).

    You guys will do GREAT! Welcome to nursing school...
  12. by   bullcityrn
    Count me in...I have orientation January 8-10 and then start classes on the 16th. I am eager to get started!! It will be interesting to see how this group progresses together over the next two years. :spin:
  13. by   CappucinoMama
    [font="comic sans ms"]i start january 2nd here in north florida at st. johns river comm college ...yea, i am psyched! best wishes to everyone in their respective programs!