Which of following patients is at highest risk for fluid overload?

  1. 1. 65 year old with diabetes, hypertension, and renal insuffiency
    2. 45 y.o. with diabetes who is one day post op from bowel surgery
    3. 25 y.o. with asthma exacerbation and pneumonia on IV anti-invectives
    485 y.o with dementia living in a skilled nursing facility
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    What are your thoughts?
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    Quote from Sunnysideup1
    What do you think and we will help guide you.

    We help you with homework, but do not do the homework without any effort from the student.
  6. by   meanmaryjean
    You go first OP!

    Also, a fail to plan on your part does not equate an 'urgent' on our part.
  7. by   disenchanted1
    I think it is A as my first choice and B as my second
  8. by   disenchanted1
    I think its A
  9. by   disenchanted1
    I think its A because all those things would increase the volume
  10. by   disenchanted1
    I was taking a quiz. so its NOT a fail to plan. its over now but i would like to know it i got it right.
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    Quote from Sunnysideup1
    I was taking a quiz. so its NOT a fail to plan. its over now but i would like to know it i got it right.
    Like a quiz you got graded on???!!! Was searching for answers on the net even allowed?!
  12. by   disenchanted1
    yup it was open book and internet...........
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    So you know next time- this is an anonymous internet forum and the people who respond to your questions may be nurses. Or not. May be serial killers, evil trolls or YOUR INSTRUCTORS.

    You just never know.
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    I mean, I always start with ABC's. My choice would have been C, but I'm still but a student.

    Oops, I just saw fluid overload. That'll teach me to read things more carefully. A would be my choice
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