where are the CNA's, PCT & Nurse Tech working?

  1. Happy Valentines Day to all.

    I am a newbie CNA (about to do the state exam) and I have an unofficial job offer from the hospital I did my clinicals at. I was wondering which units are all the CNA's PCT working on? And if you are going to work on that unit after graduation?

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  3. by   longroadahead
    I'm a CNA, but I'm working in a LTC. I would like to work at a hospital more for the experience because I am pursuing my RN degree, but around here you can't get hired unless you have hospital experience and you can't get hospital experience unless you get hired...

    Seeing as my CNA training was in the same LTC I'm working in now, it looks doubtful...
  4. by   CarVsTree
    I work in the Transitional Trauma Unit. We are a level 1 trauma and this is the step down unit to the Trauma-Neuro ICU.

    We get lots of trachs, paras, quads, brain injuries, liver lacs, splenic lacs, and burns, and of course fractures. I love it. Our population is aged 14-100, so I get a nice variety.

    I am applying for the Critical Care Internship and a job in the Trauma-Neuro ICU. I graduate in December.
  5. by   not now
    I work in LTC and love it. It's the first job I've had that I enjoy going to.

    I'll stay at the same facility as I bridge from LVN to RN.
  6. by   LauraLou
    I work as a nurse extern in postpartum. I like it but I think I want to work in the NICU or Peds when I graduate in Dec.
  7. by   nursepotter05
    I am a nurse extern at a children's hospital in the pediatric emergency department.