Whats the name of your A&P I book?

  1. I was wondering the name of anyone's A&P I book and author.

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  3. by   ashemson
    The name was simply Anatomy and Physiology by Elaine Marieb. It was an excellent book.
  4. by   NurseWeasel
    Human Anatomy & Physiology, 5th Edition, Elaine N. Marieb. $82.50. Ouch.
  5. by   RNIAM
    Fundamentals of A@P is the title of my book. Not sure who the author is as my book isn't by the pc.
  6. by   christinemj
    Ditto......... Marieb, Human A&P....... EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!
  7. by   PennyLane
    Marieb as well. We'll be using it for A&P II also.
  8. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Just picked up Hole's Human A&P by Shier, Butler, and Lewis.

    My class starts two weeks from tomorrow.
  9. by   NurseRachy
    I have two:
    Marieb- Human Anatomy and Physiology (5th ed)
    McMinn's Functional and Clinical Anatomy - Mosby 1995

    I find Marieb excellent, BUT very heavy-going so that is why i like McMinn's as it has wonderful pictures and is worked very clearly which i find doesn't stress me out like Marieb can!!
  10. by   nursbee04
    Elaine Marieb. Loved it. A little heavy at times, but good. The lab book had great pictures and diagrams, too.
  11. by   camkib
    Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
    Tortora and Grabowski

    Love the cd-roms that came with it!
  12. by   TX Guy
    Also Marieb, 5th edition, we too are using it for two.

    Mine cost 130$!

  13. by   subec
    We used Anatomy and Physiology by Martini, and the lab book by Marieb. We used both for A&P I and II.
  14. by   RNIAM
    just wantd to add my book is by Martini