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  1. by   tabbeycatt
    Originally posted by JudithL_in_NH
    Just picked up Hole's Human A&P by Shier, Butler, and Lewis.

    My class starts two weeks from tomorrow.
    same here. Using the Holes Anatomy book for A&P 1 and 2.
  2. by   ava'smomRN
    i alos have Marieb'si find it very easy to read and understand it. i expected my a&p book to be difficult to study but marieb did a good job. it was expensive but it came with a lab manual study guide,, atlas of the human skeleton aand something else cant remeber. it cost $183 but it is worth it because i will be using it in A&P 2
  3. by   TheBrainMusher
    I also have Marieb's book 5th ed. My teacher prefers the 4th edition since th e5th is a more abridge version (some people have the 4th in my class). Thank god he just uses that a supplement. I can't imagine carrying the 4th ed around, its heavier than the 5th!
  4. by   emily_mom
    Originally posted by camkib
    Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
    Tortora and Grabowski

    Love the cd-roms that came with it!
    We used that one too. Thought it was good....

  5. by   rachaelm4
    we use concepts of human anatomy & physiology 5th edition by van de graaff, fox (wcb mcgraw-hill). we use it for a & p 1 & 2. i can't stand the book. i don't like the class either!!!
  6. by   opalmRN
    Originally posted by NurseWeasel
    Human Anatomy & Physiology, 5th Edition, Elaine N. Marieb. $82.50. Ouch.
    Yup same for me. I think the edition I have has Mia Hamn(sp) on the cover.

    EDIT: ooops, right book but we are using it for A&P II. (not sure which one I had for I).
  7. by   shad
    i am using Marieb 5th addition as well...and i will be using it in ap II as well
  8. by   ucandoit
    Originally posted by camkib
    Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
    Tortora and Grabowski

    Love the cd-roms that came with it!
    Ditto here...$130.00 whooo weee!!
  9. by   hobbes
    Priciples of Anatomy and Physiology
    Tortora and Grabowski, 9th Ed

    ~$70 at half.com
  10. by   almondhoney
    Elaine Marieb, we had the choice of using the 6th or 7th edition.

  11. by   Imma_Nurse
    We used the Essentials of Human A&P 6th edition by Marieb and the coloring work book was a BIG help
  12. by   RN Zeke
    My A&P I and II book is the 5th edition of Elaine Marieb, it is heavy, the case studies on the cd are good as well as the practice quizes and test. It isn't my favorite A&P book, it seems to jump around and is too wordy!
  13. by   ladytopaz
    I am also using Marieb's A&P but mine is for A&P I, II and III! We are on Quarters at school and not semesters. I'm not sure I like the abridged edition. It seems to be lacking somewhere. I did great in A&P I last quarter but find myself struggling now in A&P II. Possibly because we have a new instructor this quarter. The last one was basically 'asked' to leave the college. He actually passed some nursing students because he felt sorry for them, (they were flunking!)
    Makes me burn everytime I think of it!