What's on your plate this summer and fall? - page 4

For classes that is. This summer I am in for deelopmental psych and HOPEFULLY intermediate algebra although I am on a freaking waiting list for that, and tomm I register for Chemistry and A&P for the... Read More

  1. by   Veke-RN2B
    Summer- A&P I and theology elective
    Fall- A&P II, Human Nutrition, Chem I lab, and possibly 1 other pre-req (i have to space them out, not many pre-reqs left before next nursing class August 05)
    Spring-what ever's left before nursing program
  2. by   wonderbee
    Over the summer, my own self-guided course in PE. It seems that school has put some additional weight on me and oh do I feel it. Being fat and turning 50 doesn't sound like two things that I can allow to happen together. So for the summer, the books are out and the bicycle, the beach and weight training are in. I'm trading in my whites for bare feet walking in the surf except for the one 12 hour shift I work a week as a tech.

    When I come back in the fall, I hope to be a lean mean OB student machine. I'll also have a second med-surg rotation for the second half of the fall. Theory will taking on 8 hours a week focusing on pathophysiology. There will be two required personal wellness courses (PE) as well. One is theory and the other is doing. Apparently our school is focused on nurse heal thyself.

    Have a great summer whether you're in the books or working or just hanging about.
  3. by   Roxie187
    This summer I will taking Microbiology from 6p-9:45p for 10 weeks and this fall I will be starting my clinicals. I don't know the fall schedule yet cause orientation isn't till August. Will let you know then. Oh...I am also working as a CNA. I will also be trying to get everything I need before I start clinicals in fall like my CPR cert, Hep B shots, etc, etc, etc!
  4. by   JennyDo
    May term: CPR and First Aid Certification Summer: Tanning Fall Semester: Chemistry, A&P I, Persuasive Writing, Life Science I

    This will be my Second Semester of a BSN program (only six to go..). Oddly enough, it takes 5 years to get through the ADN program in WI. (3 year waiting list)
  5. by   kklownluv
    This summer I am retaking my history class (got a d in the first one and my university said i didnt HAVE to retake) but I am doing it to raise my gpa(current 3.5) and a political science course.

    fall i have micro and chem 1.

    Havent even started thinking about what to take after that.
  6. by   nikonos
    A/P II, biophysics, developmental psych and literature
  7. by   shel_wny
    Summers here are way too short to spend on summer classes.
    Getting my CNA certification through a new job and looking forward to a full course-load in the Fall. That should get me through my pre-reqs and onto real nursing school. Yikes.

  8. by   tmarie75
    In about 3 weeks I start OB & Peds along with a computer course and human growth & development for a total of 17 semester hours over a 7 week period. Needless to say, I am enjoying my time off while I can because I'm really going to be busy when I go back. Then I'll have a month off and then it will be back to school for the Fall.