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I'm graduating in May 2003. When I first started nursing school I said that I wanted to do pediatric nursing. Well, after thinking things through and evauluating all my clinical experiences I decided... Read More

  1. by   delirium
    The thing about the deal I made with the devil (or the devil's micromanagers, as it were) is that the time worked is not prorated. I am required to work there for 30 months as a full time RN to work off the debt.
    If I work there for, say, 28.5 months and resign, I still have to pay back the loan in its entirety, regardless of my work history.
    I know myself and I know there is no way in three hells I would work there for two and a half years when I could go elsewhere and get more money and a better working environment.
  2. by   ava'smomRN
    If I were in your situation i would leave because a wonderful job can become a horrible one if the work enviorment sucks. don;t worry about the money, think about the children if you are unhappy at your job won't it effect the qaulity of care?
  3. by   peaceful2100
    Thanks everyone for your suggestion. The children wouldn't be affected because the Job at the children's hospital is the one I WANT. I even changed my capstone to pediatrics because I started out wanting to do pediatric nursing and now that I have gone through all the clinicals my heart still is with the pediatric population. I have worked with children ever since graduating high school either through working in a daycare center, volunteering with childern and the summer I did work at the children's hospital I wanted to work for after graduation.

    I have worked for this other hospital where I did the tuition thing and I don't like it and they are going through some really tough things right now.

    So my advice to all those debating whether or not to do tuition/work agreements. EXPLORE the situation VERY carefully, talk to people who already work for that hospital, find everything out that you can first before you sign anything. It will save you a lot of stress/anxiety in the long run.
  4. by   KC CHICK
    Peaceful, where exactly is the 15 grand coming from?? Is it Truman or Research?

    You've gotten yourself in quite a financial bind. Don't know what I'd do in your situation. Number one...15 grand is an awful lot of moolah to have to pay back. Number two, Children's Mercy pays their nurses little compared with other hospitals in the KC area. I know. I turned down a PICU position with them because I didn't want to take at least a $4,000 cut in my pay!! And NO, they don't offer sign on bonuses either. Working there to pay back the other doesn't sound like the ideal situation to me.

    Sometimes what we WANT isn't necessarily whats best for us. If Truman is where you got the loan assistance with, my thoughts are....you will learn a ton from working in that hospital....you can go work anywhere you want to in K.C. after 2 years with them. My best friends' hubby started in the ER there as a grad nurse and loves it....although it's not for everybody. It's a VERY good learning environment.
    On the other hand...if it's from Research (or affiliates)...RUN FOR THE HILLS!!

    Unlike the decision to take the money, hon...you REALLY need to think this through. Don't make any snap decisions. What is going to give you the best long term results, with career and finances, for you and your daughter?

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  5. by   peaceful2100
    It is Any of the HM hospitals including Research.
  6. by   natsfanrn
    Perhaps it may help you make up your mind by looking at the $15,000 not as a penalty that you'll have to pay back but look at it as the cost of your education, which you would have had to pay anyway had you not signed on for the scholarship. Don't know if that makes sense to you, and I don't know the reputations and pay scales of the facilities in question, but it's just something to ruminate over...