What were your favorite classes

  1. What were your favorite PreReq and Co Req classes???

    So far what has been your favorite Nursing class??

    I don't start nursing until August, but my Favorite Pre and Co were Microbiology and Pathophysiology.

    I did really well in Psych and Sociology

    Saw no point in Chem and Organic Chem. :stone:

    Although Patho and Micro were challenging classes, I found them to be the most interesting so they were my fav.
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  3. by   Nepenthe Sea
    I am just now finishing up the last of my pre-reqs (A&P II), along with my first semester of NS. So far, I'd have to say that A&P and Micro were my favorites. Alot of people would probably say that that makes me crazy. I thought they were SO interesting, though. And challenging, as I have not ever been a science person until now. I haven't decided if I like A&P I or II more. I wish we had a patho class because I think that would become my next fave, but apparantly, it is just taught alongside the other nursing classes at my NS.
  4. by   jreneex2
    interesting question...I liked A&P I,II Human Growth &Dev,sociology, Pathophysiology, intro to pharmacology
  5. by   pinkiepie_RN
    I liked the psychology/social science pre-requisites as well as A&P II.

    During nursing school, (no surprise) I liked Peds and Psych best.
  6. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    My favorite prereq classes were : Life span development, AP 2, and psych.

    My favorite nursing classes: OB !
  7. by   gillytook
    Favorite pre-req: Micro I just loved being in the lab and making slides.

    Nursing: Adult Med/Surg II It covered cardiac, respiratory, endocrine and renal/hepatic.
  8. by   shann106
    Loved Nutrition and Microbiology, Organic Chemistry was okay, but I really did not care for the professor, I think if I had a different professor it would have been my favorite

    Favorite nursing class so far was OB, but because of a massive snow storm we only got 3 weeks of clinicals.
    Also I did a one week rotation at Shriners Hospital, that was incrediable. I loved every minute of it and was so sad when I had to leave my last night. I would work there for free.
  9. by   katilynn
    Med Surgical 1 because everything clicked for me and cardio/pulmonary because I love the heart!
  10. by   shrimpchips
    Favorite pre-req: definitely microbiology.

    least favorite: biochem I & II. never have i wasted so much time in my life... oh, and Effective Oral Communication - only because I don't do too well with presentations. aaand Intro to Nursing. My instructor was HORRIBLE...she was this little old lady who ALWAYS interrupted people while they were speaking which in my opinion was RUDE, and I did not learn one thing that pertained to nursing in that class. If I had NO knowledge on nursing, that class would make me NOT want to do nursing. :angryfire

    Favorite co-req: science of nutrition. I think part of it was also because my instructor was hilarious and she made it interesting.

    least favorite: developmental psychology...nothing worse than an instructor who does nothing except read off the powerpoint slides too quickly and you have to take your own notes...

    Favorite nursing classes: health assessment and patho. People will think I am crazy for saying patho but I thought it was very interesting especially compared to the other classes that I was taking this semester - Foundations II (which was all theory for the most part...the only exciting thing about that class was clinical) and Effective Oral Communication.

    Least favorite: Professional Role Development = Intro to Nursing II. At least it pertained more to nursing and some of the material was new, like nurse theorists, but other than that it was all repeat information, like different ways to obtain an nursing degree. The class itself wasn't really about "professional role development". if I could have, I would have skipped, but attendance was taken. I basically wasted 30 hours of my life that I will never get back