What was your worst professor & How did you cope??

  1. I'm currently going through the final push to complete my A&P II course. I have a professor who used to teach med students and he is AWFUL. There are no powerpoints, no clinical examples, just videos (dissection videos from the 70s) and lecture (with very sloppy handwritten notes on the board).

    I feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown. Seriously. I have never gotten such low grades in my life. I studied for two weeks straight (4 hours a night) prior to the last test, and I only got 1% above the class average (which was a 67%). I read all 4 chapters, I studied meticulously after each class, the last test had more math questions on it than anything (How to calculate a GFR with x/y/z, what is the creatnine levels, etc etc). He said if we got a 70% on the last test that is "above collegiate level" (what does that even mean?!?!)

    I want to know.. how do you get through classes like this? How do you avoid breaking down? What do you do to keep pushing yourself?
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  3. by   tabz4u2
    Geez that is an Anatomy and Physiology course? I feel your pain! My Micro teacher was ridiculous, everytime I asked her a question she thought I was "attacking" her. I just pushed myself through, and tried to focus on finishing. Try and study a different way. Is there anyone in your class doing well? Ask them what they are doing! Good Luck!
  4. by   StudentOfHealing
    A) you tell him his teaching is ineffective ... Considering this course is based on objective not subjective grading .... It would not matter much... Yet again... Judging by what you said it sounds like he isn't going to change.

    B) keep pushing on... Thicken that skin!!!

    C) Quit.
  5. by   Red35
    I've had two:

    One for a pre-nursing class I had to take, the class was supposed to get us exposed to medical terminology and med-math-well our teacher ( I wouldn't call her a professor) didn't teach us crap...her lectures consisted of 2 hours of telling us how great she is...I struggled and received a 70.5% for the class..she even told me I would not make it as a nurse.
    However, now I'm paying the price...I feel like I still don't know medical terms and now I will have to start studying them again...

    This teacher was fired because she received terrible evaluations from the students and she mouthed off to the director...too bad the damage is done.

    Second teacher I have now...she teaches Pharmacology and our first day was consisted of "figure it out." Needless to say it's going to be a long 12 weeks.

    Just get through it...because when you are a nurse, is it going to matter?
  6. by   northmississippi
    your books website may have some chapter by chapter slides/notes that you can study, I know my Hole's anatomy did.
  7. by   Jennybrie
    If you feel strongly and can prove that the professor is not meeting the class objectives you can go to a higher source but to be honest that probably won't change your grade and could possibly make matters worse if the professor gets wind of the complaint.

    I've had three instructors that were horrible in their own way and how I got through each time was different.

    1. A&PII - instructor lectured from the book and tests were all essay questions meant to test critical thinking...yes this was a pre-nursing course with very high expectations and most people failed. Solution: found the student with the highest grade and studied with her for the rest of the semester. Ended up with an A

    2. Hesi prep - instructor fresh out masters and had no clue how to teach. Solution: went above her head and complained, professionally and ended up doing practice questions from another source outside of class. Final result: instructor was dismissed around midterm and replaced by someone that actually new the material and how to teach it and extra practice didn't hurt

    3. Nursing course - instructor spends half the lecture time on personal stories (not tested) and doesn't cover half the material that is on the exams/quizzes. Solution: toughen up, read entire chapter instead of only reviewing what was in class and hope for the best....final exam tomorrow but most likely will pull an A

    Bottom line - do the best you can with what you have and at the very least let the instructor be aware of your concerns and possible solutions...extra tutoring, one on one conference, etc.

    Best of luck!!!
  8. by   kldepp08
    My physiology teacher was just terrible! He was a last minute replacement , as the original professor took another job elsewhere. He spent the entire semester just reading the power points word for word, when anyone asked a question to explain something in more detail or give easy to understand examples, he told us to go home and look it up on wikipedia...... I kid you not!!!

    For the first test we were told to only focus on the study guide, and 80% of the class failed the test. I only got a 75 (I have never gotten below an A on anything, not gloating, just expressing how devastated I was). When I tried to talk to him and get a better understanding of what I needed to focus on, he brushed me off and was not kind or helpful. He openly ridiculed students for doing poorly and talked about his "star" pupils to the entire class. He also made fun of a student who had to drop the class due to an alcohol issue and cracked jokes at his expense! I just began studying and memorizing EVERYTHING, and never got below a 95 again. He made many error in correcting exams, which had to be corrected after class, all of my tests had at least 5-6 questions marked wrong that weren't (and these were scantron tests, so he filled out the key wrong!) After he saw my grades his attitude toward me changed, it was like once he realized I wasn't dumb, I was worth his time, however, my attitude for him did not change and I made sure to let loose in my review. More than half the class failed, and many students went to the head of the dept to complain. I saw he was teaching last semester again, but not this one, maybe they wised up!

    The worst part.... This man is BRILLIANT!!!! I guess intellect does not a good teacher make always!!
  9. by   DawnJ
    Try Khan Academy You Tube videos. He is a great teacher and has started posting A&P lectures
  10. by   Nurse2BeInGA
    I would supplement by finding good You Tube or other videos on the subject matter. Also, look at other professors' websites who teach the same course, either at your school or elsewhere. They may have study guides or other helpful matter posted. I have found that to be the case a couple of times, and it really helped me to prepare for a class.

    If the material is coming from the textbook, there may be an online component to study that would be helpful.