What was your GPA & PRE-ENTRANCE EXAM SCORE and did you get accepted ? - page 2

Hello. I have a GPA of 3.75 and I'm taking my Pre-Entrance Exam for Nursing in a month. I'm applying for Spring Admissions. I just want to know my chances of getting in. The school I'm applying to... Read More

  1. by   ClassyChristina
    GPA: 3.65
    Net Score: 87

    I applied to a bsn and asn program. Got into both.
    I can't wait to start the bsn program in August!
  2. by   ErinJane
    I had a 3.2 (the lowest in my program, don't tell anyone haha).
    We took a compass exam and you received a number for how far you got in the exam.
    I tested 99% up to calculus level on the math portion.
    And I got a 100% on the English portion.
    We then received a number score for the number of prerequisites we had already completed (I didn't have AP, chem, nutrition, micro, or stats so I took a hit on this portion).

    Then your number score was determined (they accepted anyone above a 210, and anything lower than that was weighed with your GPA).

    It's way complex, but they've changed the program since I was accepted two years ago.
  3. by   VidaUrbana
    No entrance exam,
    Had a 3.84 GPA...
    Got in this Fall.
  4. by   cjw2006
    I made a 97 on the NLN and had a 3.23 gpa. I had to interview at one program; got accepted into both programs I applied to. You should be fine. The waiting is the hardest part!
  5. by   Gerry1888RN
    I had a 3.68 GPA, and scored a 86 on the HESI exam. After 1 year of NS my GPA is down to a 3.45. It's hard to get an "A" in nursing school.
  6. by   superramvette
    Overall GPA= 2.73 (pre reqs gpa was much better than this tho)
    NET TEST= 91

    Yes I got in. I'm pretty sure I had the lowest overall GPA accepted. They gave us a list with statistics on it and a 2.73-4.0 was the range that was accepted. Each category counts about half with extra points awarded for number of prereqs completed.