What to study?! Help

  1. I am a returning student who has FINALLY completed all of my pre-reqs for an ADN program (YAY!), and since I missed the application deadline for my school's fall program I will be taking a hiatus until (hopefully) January 2012. I'll be working as a tech on the CVIC unit of my local hospital as well as nannying. I am wondering what kind of things I should be reviewing before beginning nursing school in January....should I review patho and begin reading drug calculations? I know they have quite the reputation. Any advice from nursing students (first semester to new grads) or nurses would be great. I will go crazy if I don't use my noggin for 8 months!!!
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  3. by   cjungen
    I would review A & P and if you are weak in math get a dosage calc book like Calculate with confidence.

    good luck
  4. by   silverbells_star
    Enjoy your time off. I think it's worthless to study before classes start, you don't know exactly what they want you to learn first. For example someone told me I absolutely had to learn my drugs before pharm because it was such a horrible class, but there is no way I could have guessed what drugs my pharm teacher was going to cover and we didn't cover the same things the person advised me to learn. But if you absolutely feel you must be reading something I agree with poster above brush up on your basic math calculation skills and A&P, but seriously just enjoy your time off and read some leisure books.
  5. by   ImThatGuy
    Just chill out, work, and be a normal person. If you suck at math then by all means brush up on your arithmetic, but nursing math isn't hard. It's really not. If you want to stay current just glance over your physiology from time to time. That seems to be the biggest deficiency in the nursing students in my cohort. They just don't know crap about physiology which makes the rest of it hard for them. Know that, and the rest falls into place. If you've had patho then yeah review that too, but I don't mean dedicating hours to all this everyday. I'm talking like keep it in the bathroom and look over it.
  6. by   jackierife
    Have you guys been over the blood disorders yet?