What to do when your just sick of it!!!!!

  1. Hello Everyone

    Just really need some motivation here. I am in my second semester of an ADN program and I'm just starting to really get sick of it.

    The first thing that happened was we were given a new instructor from a different college in the middle of our first year. This instructor did not assess our knowledge base and is testing us on things that were not in the readings (yes I actually read all of it), and not to mention things that were not in our notes. We had our first test this semester two weeks ago. There are only 39 of us left out of 59 (6 of which came back that failed last year), and on our first exam 32 people failed. I literally passed by the skin of my teeth.

    Last semster I had a B+ in fundamentals and now with the new instructor I missed 9 out of her 17 questions on the exam. Some of my classmates did not miss any of the other instructors questions and missed 15 of hers. She also writes for NCLEX and is giving first year nursing students level 4 NCLEX questions on exams. So needless to say the whole class had to go to remediation together and when she went over her test questions she told us that "they are what they are, I'm not taking any questions or arguing". We just wanted to know were she got the questions from, because they sure were not presented to us is lecture or independent study. She also made it a point that we must have horrible study skills. O.K. we have a total of 3 instructors, I missed 1 question from each of the other 2 instructors and 9 of hers. Does this mean my study skills are bad?

    I always get in a slump in the spring semester because I just start to get worn out with working plus going to school, but this is really disheartening. The whole class has lost their morale and none of us know what to do. One of the girls is going to write a letter to our nursing dean and also send a copy to the dean of the university, but I feel like they will just treat us worse. Has anyone else ever been in this situation? What did you do? How in the world do you keep going? I want to be a nurse more than anything, but I am starting to feel like I can't keep doing this to myself. I know that I'll be fine after this semester is over, but I am so worried about this new instructor, that it's killing me. Sorry so long and whiny, but all the other students and the boyfriend is getting sick of hearing it.

    Thanks for reading. Any advice?
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  3. by   Achoo!
    Have you considered writing a complaint letter to the school admisnitration? Maybe if enough classmates agree and voice their opinions also, something can be done.
    I and many others are having a major problem with the gal that does our anatomy lab. The doc that does lecture is awesome but she doesn't do a thing, literally. A few of the girls are writing complaint letters. If anything it lets you air out your frustrations and who knows, maybe it will promote some change.
    Good luck and hang in there!!
  4. by   Jen2
    Thanks Achoo! Oh yeah and one of our test questions was about the diabetics response intra-operatively. I am a first year student, all I know how to do is mix insulin and give it. I don't know a thing about the disease process of a diabetic not in surgery let alone during surgery.
  5. by   RN-BamaStudent
    Everyone in our class is worn out! One girl is thinking about going back to her old job, she said she just can't take the stress much longer. So many tests, clinicals...and no time for family or anything else. I am tired myself! But determined to stick it out.
  6. by   cheripa
    I can relate. I'm also in my second semester. We got a teacher that is from a nursing home. This is her first time teaching. Our first test was a joke. It was very broad and easy. The second test was very detailed and not what she said it would be on. For class she tells us to bring our books. She reads parts from our book to us. THis is our class. SHe a nice person, but there are always someone that will try to push her buttons.. and totally tick her off... Our whole program is a joke. I don't think anyone has a clue of what is going on. No one keeps us informed about anything... I hear it is like this everywhere though.. My advise is that you get a group together... no more than 8 people. Make sure you have a few people that have class at a different time than you. This way they might find out something that you are not aware of and you can be prepared. Have everyone take a disease and do notes. Have a standard outline for everyone to follow. Have rules and a time each outline is due. I hope this helps! It seems to take a lot of stress off because you know you are prepared. It has helped my group. But now everyone wants in... but there is no more room... you can only separate assignments so much.. sorry so long... good luck and keep your chin up! Those instructors take pleasure in seeing student break!! Be strong and like they say.... Let the force be with you! LOL :chuckle Hang in there! It's going to be worth it!
  7. by   KimRN03
    I know it feels frustrating, especially when graduation seems so far off, but keep plugging away. Does this new instructor have office hours where you could go in and talk to her? I am sure she would be willing to discuss your concerns. It may also help you develop a working relationship with her. I did not like all of my instructors, but you will have to get along with them to realize your dream. Continue to study and learn as much as you can, but don't let one instructor get you down. As far as your instructor giving you Analysis and Application questions on tests, that is GREAT!! You will need to learn how to answer these questions to pass NCLEX. The more you are exposed to these type of questions the better you will be prepared for boards. Keep smiling....you will get there! Hope this helps
  8. by   Jen2
    Thanks everyone. I actually had a really good day at school today. Last week I was assigned to observe at a daycare (dev stages and things like that), and wrote a paper on it. This instuctor put the returned paper in my mail box with a note that said "see me". I was sick to my stomach when I went in to her office and and then she raved about what a great job I did and gave me the maximum amount of points allowed. This is the first encouraging thing that has happened since this semester, and know I feel like I can go on.
  9. by   colleen10
    Jen I can totally feel for you!!!!

    Cheripa and I actually go to the same school but I believe she goes to daytime lecture and has a different instructor than me, I go in the evenings and do a lot of my work on the internet.

    I'm a bit dismayed, Cheripa, that we both go to the same school, with different instructors and are still having so many problems!!!

    I am a second semester student and for our first exam there was actually material on the exam that we hadn't even gone over yet in our readings. Yep, the test was to cover material from the first week of class and it covered topics all the way up to the end of the section. The worst part is that our instructor OBVIOUSLY didn't even look at the exam before she gave it to us. She just reused an old exam which was based off of last years book and syllabus which are completely different than this year's syllabus.

    The test was 40 questions long, she had to cut it back to 25 questions and made each of them worth 4 pts. each. Insane!

    We started Peds. this week and they switched instructors so we still do not have a Syllabus that covers what we are to read for Peds and Peds. is only 4 weeks long. I have a suspicion we're going to have 20 Chapters to read a week.
  10. by   Jen2

    It is so funny because I also go to the same school as you and Cheripa, just a different branch campus. Must be school policy to try and make students as miserable as possible. Hang in there......I'm trying but it's killing me.
  11. by   colleen10
    OMG Jen!!! I had no idea! That is funny.

    On the plus side, my clinical instructor for Peds. is also an instructor for Duquesne and she that they are pretty un-organized as well. She said our school is definately worse, but at least it's not like we are the only one.
  12. by   purplemania
    Telling you what questions you missed is not feedback and without feedback you do not learn, so the test was a waste of time. Also, if people fail or drop out there will be no reason to keep the school open. I understand the need to challenge students, but the material is challenging enough without creating a hostile learning environment. I would write a letter to the Dean or make an appointment for a consult. If you talk face to face, have a list of your issues and refer to it often. Do not leave without getting each of them addressed. Too often students are intimidated by faculty, even when faculty did not intend to intimidate. Remember, you are a paying customer. Do not reduce your comments to emotional outbursts, as that will diffuse their value. Good luck!
  13. by   cheripa
    Colleen- I'm in the evening lecture class... We are starting OB this week. I hated med-sur! We were at a small hospital were the most I've seen was an IV incursion and an x-ray being done! I hope OB will be a little more educational! We are going to St. Clair... Is that by you Jen? Good luck to both of you! hang tight!
  14. by   colleen10
    Hi Cheripa,

    I just finished Maternity at McGee and I absolutely loved it!!!!

    A few of the people in my lab just finished their Materinity rotation at St. Claire. They said that the Maternity wing was so nice looking, all that $$ from Upper St. Claire, hardwood floors, private suites, jacuzzis in every room. My instructor told my group that St. Claire and Butler County Hosp. are rated as the two nicest birthing centers in the state. The people at St. Claire did complain though, that there weren't many people there giving birth. I think they said that only half of their group got to actually see a birth, where as at McGee I saw a VBAC and C-Sect. in one day and everyone in my group got to see both a VBAC and C-sect. maybe not on the same day but definitaly during the 4 weeks we were there. We also were able to carry two Post Partum couplets at a time, doing routine assessments on mother and child and I don't believe they did much of that at St. Claire.

    I guess my advice is that you keep your eyes and ears open while at St. Claire so that you can get in there and experience some different things. You may want to be prepared to stay after clinical to see a VBAC too.

    Did you feel that the reading assignments for Med. Surg were not difficult too keep up with? The reading assignments for Maternity were insane and we just got our syllabus for Peds. yesterday and we have 7 chapters to read this week. Next week isn't too bad, just 4 Chapters but then in Week 3 we have 11 chapters to read.

    Good Luck!!