What should I do??????

  1. OK- went to interview today for my "dream" nursing job in oncology and just as I thought............I love it and want it . Sending thankyou note to the person that interviewed me and when I left she said "I can't hire you directly b/c that all goes through HR but, will tell you to be expecting call from Mrs. so & so in HR. If you haven't heard from her by Friday, call me. " She gave me her card with her pager and direct line :wink2: . So, I took this as she is going to offer me the job. Do you think I am reading this right?

    Now, here is the problem......prior to NS, I worked for a rural hospital and have been staying in touch b/c of job prospect once done with school. Being small they don't have any other specialty areas other than ICU/ER. So, I would end up on M/S (not what I really want at all ). I am feeling guilty b/c I really don't want to go back to the rural hospital b/c no one is happy there and they are about to lay off more workers (layed off 1/3 of staff this time last year when taken over by new Hosp system) :innerconf . Also, I received scholarships (1500.00) from aux. at rural hosp. so that is another thing that is giving me guilt thoughts. Do I owe the rural hospital to go back to them and be unhappy (definately don't want to burn any bridges) or, if offered my "dream" job go for it?????

    Please HELP!! Any thoughts/advice on the matter as far as me owing something to the rural hosp?

    Thanks so much for reading this windy post.........sorry bout that but I am beginning to feel sick thinking about it!!
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  3. by   Altra
    Congrats on the promising-looking interview!

    An exciting time, isn't it? But nerve-wracking too. If the scholarship didn't come with any strings attached, I wouldn't let that deter you from seeking employment elsewhere, especially for the reasons you mentioned. It sounds like that hospital is going through some major changes. It can be handled in such a way that no bridges are burned, if you honestly tell anyone who asks something like, "So-and-so hospital has been a great learning experience for me. I've met a lot of great people there, and I certainly wouldn't rule out working there one day. But right now, I think that the position I've accepted at XYZ Hospital will be a good fit for me."

  4. by   CHATSDALE
    nurses come and go through many jobs in their careers...do to many factors..families move, you want a more challanging position, etc
    if you owe them time that you pledged on your education you can probably buy them out
    wouldn't be worse than taking out a student loan and you will leave in a legal manner
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    Did you sign anything at rural hospital saying you would work for them, or do you just feel like they did you a favor giving you the scholarship, so you should do them a favor and work for them? If they wanted you to work for them that badly, they would have made it a stipulation of the scholarship. SOme hospitals around here have that stipulation. If yours didn't, don't feel guilty. Did you make a verbal promise to them to work for them? If not, don't feel bad.
    YOu have to do what is best for you. It is your life, your future, do what is best for you without being deceptive to others.
    Good luck on getting the job! Sounds great!
  6. by   klone
    I agree that if you didn't sign a contract when you accepted the scholarship money, you don't owe them anything. Loyalty is nice, but if job security is poor, you owe it to yourself to look elsewhere.

    Good luck and I say take the dream oncology job!

    BTW, love your sigline! Let's do the time warp again! Now I'll have that damn song in my head all evening! :chuckle
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  7. by   JNEB
    No advice (sorry), but wanted to give you a Congrats! The interview sounds like it went wonderful!
  8. by   grinnurse
    Thanks everybody that posted. I didn't sign any contracts or make any promises that I would be back. I just guess I needed a little reassurance that it would be ok to go after my dream job for some silly reason. There is hardly any of the original people that I started out with that have not lost their job due to the other company taking over. And the fact that the nurses are so unhappy in the area that I would most likely be put on is bothersome to me.

    To me, you tend to become what you are around and I don't want to become a nurse just out of school and hate my job in 6 months. I did not go through all of this for that!! Ya know?? I really had intentions of going back to the rural hosp. prior to the new company. It was an excellent place to work before that where they really valued the employess but I don't see that anymore in the people that I stay in contact with. They are telling me, "don't come back, you will HATE it".

    Thanks again.
  9. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you!

    It's always good to honor any obligations and not burn bridges. But we also have to honor ourselves. As you have no obligations to them, nor bridges to burn, I'm glad to hear you're going for it and with you success.
  10. by   llg
    Quote from grinnurse
    To me, you tend to become what you are around and I don't want to become a nurse just out of school and hate my job in 6 months.
    Thanks again.
    That's a really great line! I'll probably use it myself someday.

    ... and I agree with what everyone else has said in this thread: so there is no need to repeat it.

    Good luck in your new job! It sounds very promising to me.

  11. by   grinnurse
    I am so excited!! I got a call back from the HR person today and the manager did offer me the job!! I didn't tell her yes right away b/c I want to weigh the pros and cons but......I am sure that I will take it!!

    Now all I have to do is pass the last two tests at school and then the NCLEX and my dream can come true!!!
  12. by   JaclynBN05
    Hi there ! You are living my dream! I am graduating this year, actually in a little over a month! And I want to work in Oncology so bad, but the bad thing is that here in Canada they jsut cut 3 beds where I am doing my preceptorship program so Ill have to work casual and hope for the best! I wanna work thre so bad!! Good luck!!