What positions are available for student nurses, ...

  1. ...and what do they pay? I've heard there are student nurse positions and tech positions available in hospitals, and average pay around $7-$12 an hour? Is that the norm? Anyone heard/know different? Thanks!
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  3. by   Altra
    Students with sufficient clinical experience can generally be hired if there's a nursing asst./patient care tech/clinical technician position open. The job titles may differ.

    The pay you mentioned sounds about right.

    Good luck!
  4. by   klone
    At the hospital in our town, they hire nurse externs. They will go to the CC during the students' second semester and pass out applications. The students will then work throughout that summer and during the second year. From what I understand, they pay around $10-12/hour, which is comparable to CNA pay (new RNs are paid $18/hour).
  5. by   Berta
    I finished my first year of nursing school last month. I just got hired at a local hospital as a CNA. I am earning $11.03/hr plus differential.

    I had a horrible time trying to find a job. I applied at 8 hospitals before getting an interview.
  6. by   sagelola
    In our area students can be a CNA/PCT (after first semester in the BSN program) or extern/apprentice (after 2nd semester). From what I understand, one of the hospitals in the area is paying around $12 for CNA...for externs they range from $13.07 to $14.50 (which is where I am going to be working ...mind you, they just gave externs a raise from $12.25 ).