What I wish my nursing students knew... - page 3

Last night, my first class of nursing students graduated. It was a momentous and beautiful moment that really got me pondering the challenges and triumphs of being a nursing instructor. I decided to... Read More

  1. by   Satori77
    I start my nursing program this Monday! I'm so excited. Thank you for this post, it was excellent.
  2. by   BeenThere2012
    Quote from mrclark0000
    It should be noted that the Attending physicians, Med Students And the Residents make use of cell phones regularly in the workplace
    In the workplace is fine. The OP was talking about in class...during lectures.
  3. by   didi768
    Had an instructor in LPN nursing school tell the OTHER students to watch me make a bed I was making and how awful that I was getting corners of the blanket on the filthy hospital floor lol. Gossiper lol. She was so crotchety, old and quite a bimbo actually. I mean she was right, but to tell my fellow school mates what I was doing wrong like that really hurt. She did NOT say it to teach them the RIGHT way either in case you are thinking that. She snickered lol. No offense to you but there were some doozy instructors, that is for sure. And doncha just HATE it when we comment on our own experiences instead of saying how good of a writer you are? So I will say it now. GOOD STUFF. Hope you win!! I'm just being silly. I've written good stuff myself and wanted peeps to comment on my actual writing and not their own experiences but hey, it's all still fun so who cares ha~~~~