What do you think has been the hardest/easiest classes you've taken in nursing school - page 3

What was in your opinion the hardest/worst class you've taken in nursing school (med-surg, peds, OB, fundamentals, geriatrics, etc.). What was the easiest? I'm a new student and only in the... Read More

  1. by   NurseBunky
    The hardest class by far (this is my second semester of 4) is pharmacology. All the medications, adverse effects, what their used for, who not to give them to, what to do in case of an overdose etc... GOOD GRAVY MY MIND IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE :uhoh21:
  2. by   grentea
    oh boy. thus far, it's been med surg I for me. i thought i'd be sweating pharmacology but it's been going awesome. i kind of have a not-so-fabulous prof in med surg so i've been teaching myself and i think i'm doing a good job at it.