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  1. by   sbic56
    I think you are asking us to paint a picture that just isn't so. It's not that nursing is bad, but it is very hard work....harder than most other professions. Saying you have to "rise above all that" is an insult to renarian who gave you some good feedback. Really, what are you looking for here?
  2. by   NurseDixie
    I worked years ago as a CNA and now when I see my old co-workers and tell them that I graduate in Dec. with an ADN, they look at me like I'm out of my mind. They say 'that's the last thing I'd advise anyone to go into, etc. But it doesn't bother me, they must have liked it, they're still working at the same hospital as I used to over 20 years ago.LOL
  3. by   kat57
    I know only two nurses and their opinions are positive. There are always negative issues in every occupation and I have to find that out for myself. If we listened to all the negative people there would be no one to make any changes ! Listen to them, file it away and form your own opinion.
  4. by   agent
    Well I havent yet entered the program so I am truly evaluating ppl's opinions and then forming my own.

    I WANT TO KNOW what the nurses who are advising us that we should think twice about nursing would rather have done with their lives???

    I want you to convince me NOT to go into nursing... with all of the negativity I've already heard I'm still not convinced.

    I am not a fool and nor do I want to be made into one by involving myself in something that is going to be bad for me and my family.

    So if you've got something meaninful to say that may help me make a life decision then say it.. otherwise I'm going to continue to use this thread as a pep rally for us up-and-commers.. nieve or not.
  5. by   sbic56
    OK, agent, I understand what you are getting at...but please don't mistake some of the comments here for negativity when what we are truly talking is reality.

    That said, I can say lots that is purely positive about nursing as well.

    1)Nursing allows me to have a full personal life and a rewarding career. I would never want to work 5 days a week again and I can't think of any profession that would allow me to work 3 days and have 4 off every week and still get full time pay/benefits. I like that my day is done when I leave the hospital. After that my life is my own. Nothing to take home, no calls about work to my home.

    2)It is hard to get bored in nursing. I learn something new everyday. This is a field where stagnation occurs only when allowed. I have a low threshold for boredom, but in nursing just changing specialties is like entering a whole new field sometimes. If I didn't want to work with patients, then I could go into research as an RN (with a bit more education, anyway.) Or I could teach. Or be a nurse consultant. The opportunities are endless.

    There's more, but i don't want to get long winded...

    Best of luck in your future nursing career!
  6. by   agent
    Thank you so much!

    I didnt mean to be an ass I was just get aggravated with the "you'll regret its" but no "this is what I would have done and why.."

  7. by   sbic56
    You're welcome! And thanks for urging me to ponder and realize anew that this profession definitely does have it's perks!
  8. by   babs_rn
    Originally posted by agent

    I WANT TO KNOW what the nurses who are advising us that we should think twice about nursing would rather have done with their lives???

    I want you to convince me NOT to go into nursing... with all of the negativity I've already heard I'm still not convinced.

    I am not a fool and nor do I want to be made into one by involving myself in something that is going to be bad for me and my family.

    Check the stats on divorced nurses who do NOT have custody of their kids due to the demands of their careers. That's the biggest sacrifice, and NO, it is NOT worth it. Nurses are expected to sacrifice their own families (intact or not) for the sake of their patients. Somewhere along the lines priorities are just all screwy. Do a search on the research done on the correlation between codependents and those who enter any service occupation, particularly nursing. It is no accident that the divorce, substance abuse, and suicide rates of nurses (especially those in "critical" fields such as critical and emergency care) rival those of cops. It's extreme. Families of nurses are required to make sacrifices that maybe they didn't ask for. Then we feel we have to ...what's the word I'm looking for?....disparage them for taking a stand in THEIR own defense...as if they're supposed to hold to the very same unrealistic standard that the nurse is held to. You want facts? Do the research. Look up the long-term effects of shiftwork, particularly night shift work, on the body and mind. Don't turn a deaf ear and don't complain when you get the answers you asked for, negative or not. People are telling you what they feel from their own experiences and whether they feel it has been worth it or not. It pays the bills, but if I could do it over again, I would probably be in PT or OT instead...or, I would have gone on to med school as originally planned and become a radiologist....

    In either case, I would have more respect and more independence and FEWER job descriptions and responsibilities than I do as a nurse who gets paid MUCH less than those in those professions....and much better hours, too....I wouldn't be so sleep deprived that I sleep through my alarm clocks (I keep three clocks set, sleep through all of them several mornings a week) and I would be able to be a MOM to my kids who are growning REALLY fast, and maybe, just maybe, I might be able to make a dance recital or a soccer game or two...something I can't do now because I'm working all the time or else I'm passed out cold...all life consists of as a nurse is work and sleep, work and sleep. Quality of life means SO much...don't sacrifice the quality of your life for something that is perhaps cheaper to go for or easily accessible where you are.....there is a dire shortage for a REASON....

    Best of luck...
  9. by   hbscott
    As I said in a earlier post:

    Any "health promotion" practitioner will tell you that exposure to chronic persistent stress leads to a wide variety of problems that if left unchecked can lead to serious consequences to one's health.

    In nursing we learn about the concept of ineffective coping and the negative outcomes this has on our patients.

    Nursing practice today can be described as an environment filled with chronic persistent stress so it is no wonder nursing practitioners everywhere are fed up.


    The reality is that we as a society tend to be reactive and not proactive and thus things have to get really, really bad before the "powers that be" are motivated to change things.

    So where are the change agents?


  10. by   RNIAM
    change agents?
    Can you please explain this to me? Are you asking who needs to change it?

    If so I think every nurse that works today needs to look in the mirror. Change come from within. If you take a look at other professionals what is the one thing they all have in common? Strength. Inner strenghth and the will to see that whatever needs to be done gets done. Strenght gives you the ability to say no. A simple but effective word. No to mandatory over-time. No to poor working conditions, no to long hours, no to excessive demands. Everytime you say no you say yes to freedom, yes to time with your family and finally yes to being an effective health care provider. Once strong voice can lead many weaker voices. Find the one strong voice that is willing to speak out for a cause and back that voice up with the presence of thousands and you will get change.
  11. by   agent
    So what about a father working as a nurse??

    Would it be as bad on the kids if they had a stay home mom?
  12. by   Nurse1956
    I am ready for a change..My company has been laying off like crazy...I am a LPN and going for my RN..Hope to be an RN by 50 years old!
  13. by   RNIAM
    AWESOME!!! Good for you.