What do you promise to do this semester as a student? - page 2

I promise no matter how tired i am to: 1. Read at least 1 hour every night (including weekends) 2. Rewrite my notes from lecture the same week i get them...... Read More

  1. by   fleur-de-lis
    - study daily so I don't have to CRAM the night before the test
    - Get 8 hours of sleep per night (or 6 at a minimum, ok, I am realistic)
    - Take care of myself - eat right and exercise
    - Be open to exploring all areas of nursing - I'm taking Psych and Maternity this semester, neither of which are areas I think I want to end up in, but who knows!
  2. by   locolorenzo22
    1. Read at least 1 hour every day/night.
    2. Study all important concepts and know most at least 3 days before test.
    3. Speak up for myself and confidently present myself as a nursing student.
    4. NOT get intimidated by the other females.
    5. NOT go out as often as I'm used to. Lots of cheaper entertainment out there.
    6. (boy this is long!) Stay organized and stay on top of bills/budget/money....
  3. by   kristen38
    I am going to:

    • Make sure that my lecture notes are legible
    • Obtain a B+ in every course (these are the marks that I need to get into a school for my Masters)


  4. by   Megsd
    I am going to promise to:
    * Keep up with the reading and assignments
    * Rewrite/clarify my lecture notes the same week, if not the same day
    * Develop an organizational system for all my stuff
    * Schedule in some free time every week
    * Leave at least a little bit of time each day for the other relationships in my life (aside from school), like dinner with the boyfriend and calls with dad
  5. by   jwoods
    I promise to have a schedule to go by this semester. I will have certain times to study, and spend with my family. If possible I would like to squeeze some me time in there. I think if I become more organized, I will have less stress this semester.
  6. by   nrstob08
    I promise to:

    * excercise and eat right!!!
  7. by   CCStudent916
    Work harder than the medical students!
  8. by   MMARN
    I promise to...

    1. Study as much as I can.
    2. Pray more.
    3. Finally learn F&E thoroughly.
    4. Have a little bit more confidence when I do my clinicals.
    5. Be more aggressive while I am in said clinicals.
    6. Be more knowledgeable as a nurse and teacher for the patients.
    7. Create two very good careplans.
    8. Actually give Sub-Q and IM meds.
    9. Remember my 6 Rights as I give those meds.
    10. Get an A by the end of the semester.