What did you learn about nursing this week?

  1. I have been asked this in clinical homework everyweek for the last year and half.....Im starting to have trouble coming up with something new.Any ideas???
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  3. by   mariedoreen
    Lol, you want us to tell you what you learned about nursing this week in clinical?
  4. by   nursegirl62
    Quote from mariedoreen
    Lol, you want us to tell you what you learned about nursing this week in clinical?
    well not exactly, but help me maybe "rethink"this question. I always try to think of something new, however my patients this week were quite stable, I didn't do any procedures that I haven't done before many times. I worked with great nurses, I didn't have any "communication" issues to work through.So just stumped instead of a writers block I have a "thinking" blocking!
  5. by   wonderbee
    I learned that pediatric patients are not scaled down adult patients. They are a whole different ballgame. They respond differently to nursing interventions, to meds and the environment. So far, peds rocks.

    I also learned that when you see low set ears on an assessment of a newborn or infant, consider that the kidneys might be dysfunctional. Rationale: the kidneys and the ears form at the same time in the uterus.
  6. by   kenni
    my instructor this semester has had some interesting stories to tell us.
    1) a woman who had never had any med stronger than tylenol was introduced to alcohol through ny-quil. a few weeks later her fridge was seen stocked w/ Boone's Farm.
    2) a woman post-surgery had an order of 50 mg morphine prn for pain. she used her judgement and decided the woman needed 25 mg. instructor was amazed that the woman slept for 2 days straight.
    3) 24 hrs post-op is not the time to talk about guided imagery and aromatherapy. THEY NEED MORPHINE for pain!
  7. by   HyperRNRachel
    1. I learned spanish from a 6 year old boy as we played connect four.
    2. I learned that some cultural differences can be a hinderance to therapy
    3. I learned that you can give a child a million treats but if you need to change their IV sites they will not be your friend afterwards.
  8. by   studentnurse74
    I learned what the different IVs were all about: peripheral, central, and PICC. If you don't think you will have anything to write, always ask a nurse or your instructor about something- anything! That will be your learning experience.
  9. by   rn2b2006
    I learned in clinicals that I am sick of changing beds and giving baths! LOL It gets old after 1st semester, I am ready to get into something more challenging.