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susan, i saw your question regarding what classes will i take during my 2nd semester and decided to start a seperate thread to ask others the same question. my classes are as follow: adult health... Read More

  1. by   shelby88669
    1st 8wks--foundations 4 nursing(M,T,W,TH) lecture and lab
    health assessment (fridays)
    2nd 8wks--indtermediate nursing skills(T,TH )
    clinical nursing intro(M,W) hospital
    health assessment(F)
  2. by   RNIAM
    Originally posted by Wyldeflower
    Next semester, I will have physiology, disruptions in mental health, and maternity nursing...15 credit hours per week at school and 16 credit hours per week clinicals.

    I had a little giggle when I read this. I was just wondering if your disruption in mental health would be due to your physiology or maternity nursing class...
  3. by   Vsummer1
    originally posted by love-a-nurse
    my classes are as follow:
    adult health i [med/surg] 1st 8 weeks

    maternal child/ob 2nd 8 weeks.

    i will be in lecture [mondays and thursdays] clinical [tuesdays and wednesdays] for a total of 9 hrs.
    sounds similar to my schedule only reversed -- adult health is called "chronic". i start with ob. monday & tuesday clinicals, wednesday lecture and a 4 day weekend.

    and one of the cna's in my class stated that half the nurses she works with failed chronic -- as did my last semester instructor when she went through the program. so at least if i bomb out, i can retake it and will be in good company
  4. by   babynursewannab
    Originally posted by Wyldeflower
    Next semester, I will have ... disruptions in mental health...
    That sounded funny, but I think I'll have disruptions in mental health too!
  5. by   Wyldeflower
    Lol! That really is the name of the coarse, but I'm sure my entire class will be suffering disruptions in mental health next semester!! I don't understand why my school places such a large emphasis on psychology...we are required to take psych 100 and lifespan development already, and disruptions in mental health is a 7 credit coarse. I just thank god my instructor gave me permission to take pharmacology out of sequence, because I really feel for the students who will have to pile it on top of this psych class AND maternity nursing!!
  6. by   tatianamik
    I have OB & Peds. Doubling my hours. Going from 5 hrs this last semster to 10 hrs this spring.
  7. by   maire
    I am taking Fundamentals, MT 4-6pm (Lecture), W 4-7pm (Lab), Th 8am-2:30pm (Clinical). During Winter break the first two weeks of January I am taking a meds math class to brush up on skills to pass the med admin test.
  8. by   midlifecrisis
    Howdy! New here and just getting started with pre-reqs. I work full time, so I'm going to just take 2 classes. A&P I & Spanish I. The Spanish class is not a requirement at my first choice school, but it is at my second. Plus, with that class, I'll finish my General AA degree.

    I really envy those of you further along! Right now, I'm just worried about getting in to nursing school; I hear the acceptance rate is pretty low.

  9. by   Vailgang
    I am taking A and P II on Saturdays 8-12 and then hopefully the professor will let me take the fast track Math for health care professionals for five Saturdays and just come late. I plan to do the book over Christmas break.

    They didn't have a Saturday class so I signed up for Monday nights that didn't work then they opened up a Saturday class so now I am stuck with two classes on Saturday and nothing else is open.

    I am hoping it will all work out. I only have 4 pre-req. after this next semester. Yeah. Working full-time makes going to school difficult.

  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by midlifecrisis
    howdy! new here and just getting started with pre-reqs. i work full time, so i'm going to just take 2 classes. a&p i & spanish i. the spanish class is not a requirement at my first choice school, but it is at my second. plus, with that class, i'll finish my general aa degree.

    i really envy those of you further along! right now, i'm just worried about getting in to nursing school; i hear the acceptance rate is pretty low.

    and welcome to the board! all the best to you.
  11. by   camkib
    Hello Everyone!

    I'll be taking A&P II, College Algebra, Spanish II, and Music Appreciation

    The only class required for my ADN program is Anatomy...the others count toward an AA degree...

    I figured since I had to go to a community college for 3 years....I might as well come out with 2 degrees!
  12. by   KarenAR
    This will be my 3rd semester out of 4 semesters (my program is an accelerated 14-month deal and the scheduling is really weird).

    I will be taking:

    pharmacology (part 2 of 3)
    a short genetics course
    some ethics stuff thrown in
    discipline of nursing (part 3 of 3)
    and it seems like there's something else...

    Then we also have a 1-week-long course squeezed in at the end of the semester. I think it is about OB, peds, and psych clients in rapid decline. (We just did adult med-surg this fall and at the end of the semester did a 1-week-long course about "the client in rapid decline." I think they modify it to an OB, peds, psych version in the spring.)

    I'm really looking forward to this semester ... really interested in OB, peds and psych.

    To whomever it was that said "yuck" about the community health class (sorry, I can't remember who said that and can't scroll back from here) ... keep an open mind. You might end up really liking it. I loved that class. My clinical was with an elementary school nurse and it was really cool. We did not deal with scraped knees ... but rather with immunizations, health fairs, free health assessments for the kids at the school who couldn't afford or get to a regular doctor's visit (mostly Mexican immigrants), home visits, arranging care for kids with special needs, etc. It was really interesting and important work. Lots of people in my class hated it but I think they were turned off from the very beginning and didn't give it a chance after that. But there are some cool things going on in community health.
  13. by   AppyHorseFan
    this will be my second semester. our lecture (tues. from 8-3) is 5 credit hours and called "care of clients with common health care needs." we start the semester covering ob/nursery/peds and then move on to med-surg/clients with common health problems in immobility/cardio/respiratory/neuro/gastro/endocrine. we also have 5 credit hours of clinical consisting of one half day (getting our patient(s), doing paperwork, etc.) and one full day of caring for our patient(s). not sure yet what days i will have clinicals, either wed. and thurs. or thurs. and friday.

    only 16 1/2 months left until graduation!!!!! :hatparty:

    merry christmas and happy new year