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Just wondering what everyones grades were in the prereq's??? Micro, Chem, Anat, etc..........I feel like everyone getting in must be straight A students, its sooooo competitive. Of course I live in... Read More

  1. by   Ayvah
    A & P 1 - A
    A & P 2 - A
    Microbio - B
    Chem - A
    Public Speaking - A
    Human Growth/Dev - A
    Sociology - A
    Medical Terminology - A

    Prior degree in psychology; took the above courses at a community college while I was applying for the nursing program. Took me a year to get into the nursing program
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  2. by   Tony35NYC
    I got As and Bs all the way, too. I did get a C in a nursing course but that's because I was working full time and messing around too much and didn't really study as much as I should have. My nursing program says it will take students with Cs, but even if they used to do this I don't believe they do it anymore. Its way too competitive. With so many A students on the waiting list I really don't think a student with Cs has much of a chance of getting in.
  3. by   gabbygirl
    My grades so far are...

    Chem B
    Cell Biology A-
    Anatomy B
    Physiology A-
    Micro A
    English 101 A
    Intro Soc A
    Intro Psych A
    Developmentel Psych A
    Medical Terminology A
    Interpersonal Communications A

    I had an interview for the nursing program at my school, so right now I'm just waiting to find out if I made it in or not.
  4. by   mom2creative
    I graduated over ten years ago with a pre law degree and a GPA of 3.7. In Nutrition, Growth and Development, Pharmacology, Psychology, Algebra I made all A's. Both A & P's are accounted for the above GPA, but I made B's. I haven't taken Micro yet. From what I hear at my school it is tough and if you make a C, you are lucky. I made my first C last semester in Fundamentals. I was bumbed. My average was 85.8 and that is a C. They do not round up. That six credit hour course really affects your GPA. However C=RN.
  5. by   wonderbee
    A&P I and II, micro = A
    chem = B

    Now in the middle of nursing III, I'm pulling a low B.
  6. by   kahumai
    You guys are making me feel so stupid! My entire class is averaging a C, and if I had to guess, the majority of the grades from all of us throughout the program have been B/C (of course, I'm referring to the actual nursing program classes and not pre-reqs, so maybe that's why!)

    At least I'm still here...... :chuckle
  7. by   Iluvhospice
    I had a 3.8393 to get in. Since starting in January of 2004 - straight As, but it is much harder to keep straight As in nursing school than it was in the prereqs.

    Best of luck to you!

    Sarah RN in October 2005!
  8. by   LilRedRN1973
    Pre-reqs and other assorted classes:

    Eng 101 A
    Eng 102 A
    Psych 101 C
    Chem B (how the hell I pulled THAT one off is beyond me...I HATE chem!)
    Math 120 A
    A & P I (both I & II were HARD AS HELL...the instructor has his doctorate in Endocrine Biochem and boy, did it show...he also wrote the textbooks for his A&P, Micro, and Chem classes) A-
    A & P II A
    Micro B (another one I don't know HOW...3 week summer class!!!)
    Hist 101 B-
    Hist 102 B
    Hist 111 B
    Nutrition 223 A (btw, the highest number grade in this class was a 75...I had a 74 and got an A)

    Nursing classes:

    Fundamentals B
    Health Assessment B
    Pharm A
    Maternal Child Health (HATED this class with a passion) B
    Advanced Clinical Nursing B
    Clinical Nursing Across the Lifespan A-
    Childbearing/Childrearing B

    Currently taking:

    Alterations in Psychosocial Adaptation (first 2 exams over with...90 and 86)
    Role of the ADN Manager of Care (we have no exams in this class)
    Advanced Clinical Nursing II (first exam over....82)

    At this point, all I care about is getting my damn "C" and getting my pin!!! We just had our picture done (hard to believe they ever wore those caps in nursing!!) and it made it feel that much more real! Putting that little white hat on made me realize that in 7 more weeks, I shall find out whether I will have the honor of taking the NCLEX.

    Melanie = )
  9. by   nursecompassion
    Our school is divided into quarters, I did very well in all my prereqs and right now am in the actual nursing program I have had an A- in human bio 1 & 2 last two quarters and a B+ and B in nursing past two quarters. Next quarter (spring) is microbio(pathophysiology) and nursing 111.
  10. by   SCmomof3
    A&P 1 A
    A&P 2 A so far (I have two tests and the final to go as well as 2 lab practicals and reports, but I am confident I will keep my A)
    Micro - taking this summer
    ENG 1 - A
    ENG 2 - this summer
    MAT 110 (algebra) - A so far (2 tests and 2 homeworks to go, but it'd be hard to mess it up)
    PSYCH - A
    Elective - A
    Humanities - still have to take (prob next summer)

    I start nursing core classes and clinicals in August
  11. by   greenivy
    I graduated from college in 1990 with a gpa of 2.26 (majoring in beer/boys...) I had to beg to the higher powers to let me graduate.
    Now, I have completed all of my prereq's with the exceptions of pathophysiology and pharmacology and I have a 4.0
    The program I am entering in May is pretty competitive accelerated BSN program at a state school in Colorado. We interviewed with two local hospitals that offer tuition reimbursement in exchange for work commitment after graduation.
    I think I am pretty spoiled now, I'm in for a tougher time keeping up this grade average.
  12. by   BlaineCM
    Human A&P 1- A
    Human A&P 2- A
    Microbiology- A
    Gen Chem 1- B
    Gen Chem 1 Lab- A
    Sociology- A
    Gen Psych- B
    Human Growth & Development- A
    Statistics- A
    Nutrition- will take this summer
  13. by   JoniL&DRN
    I was reading this because I was interested too in what kinds of grades everyone has.... I personally have a 4.0 BUT don't let that freak you out. I know of lots of people with 3.5's (or in that neighborhood) that are getting in the GPA based admittance program here. I'm in California too and the program I applied to is GPA based... of course there are still some lottery type programs out there too.