What a year!

  1. Somehow or another I accidently graduated.

    Pinning was Thursday night.

    Graduation with the rest of the college (not just the Nursing students) was yesterday.

    The paperwork for the state Board of Nursing and the NCLEX are all turned in and mailed off.

    I have 5 interviews lined up for this next week at great places - Have visited them all and been in contact with them over the past couple months and every one seems promising. Every one of them are a minimum of 100 miles away from where I currently live so a new place, new city, new people etc. etc. etc. are also in my future

    Am packing and getting everything ready to be moved right now (should be doing it right now instead of sitting here at the puter, but - priorities are priorities right?).

    Will need to get on making a new forum av real soon and lose the "S" cause I am no longer a "student".

    This past year has been intense - but I learned a LOT - met some great people, both in class and in clinicals (staff and patients both).

    Although my plans are to begin pre-reqs for RN in the fall and then enter a bridge program, that is not going to be the same as this past year's LPN class - growing together from total blissful ignorance to finding that the more I learn the more I realise I don't know.

    One thing I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt - being a Nurse is who I am and what I was meant to be! Actually getting paid to help others? Wow! Just WOW! Not trying to brag, but I had a lot of patients, fellow students, staff and even my Instructors make comments on my attitude and my "bedside manner" - Having been in that bed as a patient a number of times and at the bedside for extended periods of time with family members I know the fear, the uncertainty and the helplessness that is being felt and always try to keep those memories in my actions.

    It is a bit sad closing this chapter of my life - but it is also exciting wondering what the next chapter will bring!

    Thanks for being here - I learned a lot this past year here on this board - and plan on being a pest here for many years to come.

    Thanks for letting me share
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  3. by   EMTtoRN
    Congratulations!!! good luck on your new start. How very exciting to be starting out fresh fresh fresh!!!
  4. by   southerngirl
    Congrats and best wishes!!!
  5. by   bedpan
    Thank you both very much

    (Am cheating again - ran away from the boxing and packing and ended up here in front of the puter)
  6. by   jnette
    congratulations !!!

    it's been awhile since i've seen you around here, bedpan... was wondering where you got to ! so glad you made it through, and even happier to hear your utter contentment. that is sooooooo kool. you'll make one super nurse.. i can hear it in your attitude and in your heart. good job !!!
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    congratulations, bedpan; much continued success to you!
  8. by   SCmomof3

    Your post has me so excited for you, and I don't even know you That's what I love about these boards. Best of luck to you in the future and see you around the boards
  9. by   jenrninmi
    Hey Congratulations!!!:hatparty: I can't wait until I receive my pin and my BSN degree!
  10. by   bedpan
    Thank ya'll

    Have not been on much for a bit jnette - Started working at the local hospital back before Christmas on weekends - 12 hours a day every Sat. and Sun. along with school 5 days a week kinda cut into my online time!

    Hopefully as soon as I get moved and everything set back up I will be able to pester everyone on a more regular basis again