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Hi everyone. I think it is best to keep this on our bb. As it may get lost on the off topic bb. things fly by so fast over there So I had a cheat day yesterday. I am back on track again today. My... Read More

  1. by   SusanRN2004
    Originally posted by Cynthiann

    I've lost 2 sizes in the past few months the scale hasn't budged. So many times I've heard others say that they've lost weight but haven't gone down in size. (reading).

    Cynthiann, Are you lifting weights? You said you have lost 2 sizes in two months...how did you do it? Thanks
  2. by   Cynthiann
    Yes, I am lifting weights and not just 1 and 2 pound dumbells. I lift heavy until failure with 8-12 repetitions. And don't think I'm muscular, I'm far from it. Lifting weights has given my body a nice shape while helping me burn the fat. I also do cardio a few times a week. Usually either the treadmill or the stair stepper. Susan, are you lifting weights too?
  3. by   SusanRN2004

    I bought a weight bench last Christmas for the family....have only used it a few times...I plan on starting again next Monday. One of these days I will follow through...have a 3 year old treadmill I plan on using too!
  4. by   RNIAM
    Hi all. Just wanted to say that I kept with it today although i did munch some cookies tonight. Not exactly on my program. But I will see what damage it does when I get on the scale in the morning. I hope that everyone that has weight issues will feel free to post. the more the merrier. Good night all
  5. by   Kiwi Ali
    Well I dont know whether this thread is depressing or motivating me!! lol
    I used to go to aerobics 3x a week and work really hard outside landscaping at my brand new house, then I became a student and sat in class on my b*m every day and night. I used to weigh 85kg (which was still big, but not this big!!) now I weigh 105 kg, I'm 165cm tall. In a 22 size clothing. Thats all in 2 years. boo hoo :-(
  6. by   Kathylynn
    Great job everyone on their success! I have been at it since June 2002, I weighed in at 210 and now I am down to 178, I am so pleased with the results. My goal is to be at 150 lbs. I am 5'9", so that seems reasonable. My problem will be when I start back to class next week if I will keep up working out and eating right, hopefully I will. Good Luck everyone
  7. by   RNIAM
    Good morning everyone. I just poped in to say have a great day everyone. I did my exercise today and I hope I eat better than last night. lets just say I feel right off the wagon.I am dragging my big butt back on this morning. I was so hungry last night. oh well back to it today.
  8. by   babynursewannab
    Hey to all!

    Cynthiann made a good point. However, there is a second possibility to going down in sizes but the scale not budging.

    For those of you/us who do work with weights, it is important to know that a pound of muscle takes up about 1/2 the space as a pound of fat. So if you are working with weights, have gone down in size but haven't lost weight, what's happening is you have lost fat AND gained muscle (which is good, good, good). So since the muscle takes up less space pound-for-pound, YOU are smaller.

    I, myself, had the flu or something last night/today and have artificially lost 6 pounds in 8 hours! I don't think that counts!

  9. by   Hooligan
    LOL Alyssa!

    Those flu-diets are rough on the old system! I hope you're feeling better!
  10. by   Lausana
    Glad to hear everyone's doing good...so far I've done good, no snacking last night, exercised and am having a slimfast for lunch BUT I'm going out to eat tonight so I hope I can be good
  11. by   babynursewannab
    Thanks bean!

    Leslie, you'll do fine. Just remember the effort you put into it all day today.

  12. by   RNIAM
    Just wanted to report my failure..ugg I ate at Burger King last night. Haven't weighed myself and I'm not going to for a few days . Hope eveyone is doing better than me.
  13. by   JailRN
    rhona1, YES!! I'd do it in a heartbeat. And I had some complications, not many, no leaks, but in your mind, I know the quantity of food that i used to eat, the times I used to eat, the sodas I used to drink, the junk I'd consume-4 basic food groups were chocolate, salt, soda and burgers. I needed to rethink my whole life, when I was stressed out, I couldn't jump in the car, go for ice cream eat that, then get a super big gulp and nachos with a hot dog and bad of M&M's and eat that. Now I actually have to stand there and firure out why Im' upseet and talk about it. For the 120 lb weight loss in 8 months, I'd do it in a heartbeat, to be able to fit better into the movie theater seats, I'd do it again, to have my little guy say "Mommy, I can put my hands ALL the way around you, I'd do it again. To have the energy, I'd do it again, TO be able to go into a regualr size store and buy clothes, I'd do it again.

    Don't get me wrong, my husband loved ME< big or small, as did my sons. But, I needed to do it for myself, there are so many things in life I was avoiding because I was 308 and 5'5". I wouldn't fly to see my relatives because I was ashamed of trying to wedge myself into the airline seat and ask for an extension seat belt. But I hid the insecurities really good. I was a mistress of hiding. I had to have psych approval prior to OR and I know of others that they didn't approve. I was back to work in 10 days, bored at home (I can only clean out so many cabinets, closets, shelves,etc and see so many movies. I'm not one bit sorry I did it but I'm glad I waited until they had the laproscopic proceedure. My husband had the open prodceedure 3 years ago It took him 6 weeks to heal and the mess it left!!! he ended up with 6 hernias. and has bowel problems too. I have none of that and love my doc and the surgery. Good luck, if you change your mind.