1. Hello, does anyone know of a website or anywhere i can ind the ranking of the best nursing schools in the united states or in states alone??? I would really know where in st. louis is the best? Thank You!!!!!
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  3. by   Tarian
    I'm not sure about a website, but at my local bookstore I saw a US News & World report magazine-format publication that was shelved along with books that listed rankings for the best grad schools. I looked up nursing and they had separate lists for nursing, anesthetists, PA, etc. I plan to go back with a notebook and make copies of the schools I'm interested in keeping in mind. First I need to get that BSN though!
  4. by   dianacs
    I'm a nursing student in the area. Just from my own experience and from talking with other students at different schools, I'd have to say that any school you choose will be just fine. It depends on what you're looking for--associates, bachelors, day classes, evening classes, etc. PM me if you have any questions.
  5. by   PennyLane
    Some important things are clinical sites and the ratio of students:instructors in clinicals. One school I looked at had a ratio of 4:1 in clinicals.
  6. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    Check out

    Hope this helps.

  7. by   salvati08
    Thank you, it was helpful!!!