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Well....in my program you take a test and must get a 75 to pass.....if you fail you get one retake. If you fail it.....you are out......this is on every test. Retake for test 1 was today and we lost... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Izzy
    We have to finish the semester with a 74.5 or better. That way, if you blow one test you can still save yourself on the others. Here's the catch though - you have to go back and learn the material if you blew a test because that material will show up on the cumulative final.

    This is the start of our second semester and we lost 10 after first, started with 100. We picked up a couple for second semester, though, who failed last year and are coming back to re-take what they failed. Glad I haven't had that problem....yet....
  2. by   maire
    At orientation, I remember my instructor saying that for my school, 100% of its graduates passed the NCLEX on the first try. At first I thought, Wow, that's great, but then I got to thinking...how many is 100%?? One of my girl friends talked to someone who graduated last year, and she said that out of the 50 that started with her class, only 15 graduated. NO WONDER the NCLEX pass rate is 100%!
  3. by   emily_mom
    We have lost too many to count. They let in people that have failed each semester, so it's impossible to know. I know we lost 15 (out of 35 that were left from 1st) last semester. We don't graduate many either.

  4. by   Vmommyx4_RN
    Our class is about 40 something, 1 semester of clinicals. We are all wondering how many will ride it out. We too have a high NCLX pass rate, I think the last two graduating classes were 100%. Our average is in the high 90% pass rate.

    We do not have retest on the exams except for the medication math test. You have to make 100%, if you don't the first time you get a second try. They don't go over the material in class - we are on our own to study (it should all be review, the math that is, this is what they tell us), we have been given 2 practice take home exams and they have told us which set of questions in our book to review and what material to memorize (all the equivalencies).

    Nursing school isn't easy, and in the real world there is so much to keep on top off being a nurse. They only have 4 -5 semesters to train your brain to think like a nurse.

    My group is getting close we are in our 3rd week of the semester and we have begun saying, "We will get through this together!" It feels good, we talk, we share and we quiz one another.

    Good luck to all!!
  5. by   delirium
    I think we started with 70 and are now down to 52. That's from the start of the program; this is the last semester. We lost the most people in the second and third semesters.

    Our program also has a very high nclex pass rate, partially due to the 'weeding out' that I've seen of some students. However, if they were ever to ask my opinion, I have a list of scary unsafe people that should go.

    I'll probably end up working with them.
  6. by   StudentSandra
    Originally posted by Jennerizer
    We don't get retries on the test, but we only need an overall average of 78 in the class. So we're allowed to have a bad test score as long as the overall average is 78 or higher
    This is the same way my program works.
    Started with 24, lost 6 the first 2 semesters and 2 the 3rd, we have also gained people, some that failed the previous year and then the LPN's that joined up 3rd semester. We currently have 19, I hope it stays that way. It really gets hard when you get to know your classmates better as time goes on. We had 2 last semester that could only missed 8-11 questions on the final, they both passed. Last years class had 3 that failed right before graduation
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  7. by   ashse
    Last semester in Pharmacology, we had to pass the test with a 90% or better with one re-try. We lost a few people to that. This semester, we have a quiz every week in lab and also in theory (even when we also have an exam the same day, ugh!) We have to average 75 on the quizzes or we have to drop the class. There are quite a few people who are borderline right now but there are still 4 or 5 more quizzes to go..............
  8. by   SpecFuz
    We have to make a 76 on our tests to proceed in our program. Okay, so I just took my first test yesterday. I'm really upset, because I thought I did much better. I got an 81, which normally I would say is "okay" and I have to do better. But, it's not ok...because passing is a 76! I essentially almost failed. So my 81 is a C+. I'm trying very hard not to feel negative and instead say, I did okay for my first test. But it's hard to. I'm feeling scared and I just hope I can do much better!
  9. by   Robin61970
    Specfuz...I know how you feel.....my grade on the first one(mind you passing is 75) was at first a 76.3, but because of a bonus and a question that was challenged I ended up with an 81. I too was relieved to have passed, but thinking I have GOT to do better......
  10. by   luluann
    We started with 34 and I think we have lost a couple. It's hard to tell though, first couple of lectures the chairs were full but last couple of classes there have been some empty. We had our math test today and had to get 80%. You get 3 tries. I overheard some complaining because they didn't pass and have to retake....yet, in the same breath claim that they didn't study!! I don't know what they are thinking...this is nursing 1 and is the foundation for all the other nursing classes.

    Our school is strict and the instructors seem to know their stuff. We have an excellent NCLEX pass rate, they said last 2 years they were #2 in the state and that includes BSN & ADN programs, so they must be doing something right. I'm not sure how many they graduate out of 36 though....
  11. by   Robin61970
    Second test on Monday....I feel so unprepared. So much info thrown at you so fast.......send good thoughts!
  12. by   2banurse
    good thoughts coming your way!!! ((((Robin61970))).

    Specfuz, were you able to see where you made your mistakes? I find I get more frustrated when I make a dumb mistake because of not reading a question correctly. For other mistakes, I try to find out why and try to remember them for the future. You passed!!! Push past it and concentrate on your other. Usually, IMHO, the first test is the hardest because it is unfamiliar. I betcha you will do better on the next test!

  13. by   Jennerizer
    Exactly.......my problem is not reading the entire question through or seeing one answer & automatically going with it. I've learned though......take time to read each question & analyze what answer they are looking for. I have my third test on Monday & guess what.......I'm procrastinating...lol.

    Good luck Robin!!!