Watch out, Memphians! I have an idea!

  1. hey guys & gals,

    i have an idea! what about a "memphis and others nearby" lunch? just an idea. please let me know if you are interested!
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  3. by   laurasjj
    this sounds like a pretty good idea to me. how many people are from memphis, anyway?

  4. by   kwhitworth425

    I am also from Memphis. I am starting at STCC this fall to take some prereqs but I haven't decided where I want to go to Nursing school yet.

    Any other Memphians out there???

  5. by   NurseAngie
    I'm also a Memphian! Gosh I miss BBQ! Can somebody please send me a rack of wet ribs? OKAY..I'm in control. How are things there? I can't wait to come home. Y'all take it easy. Ciao for now
  6. by   Lauryn
    I am a student nurse heading into my last year!!!!!!!!!! I live in Canada, but I am travelling to Memphis in a few weeks to tour St.Jude's hospital and to meet with Human Resources about starting my career there. I am moving my hubby and my three young kids to Memphis and I was hoping that maybe any "Memphinians" could give me the low down on everyday life there. I posted a request also in the general discussions threads, and so far, all I have received is negative information concerning Memphis. So, if you guys have anything you would like to share, I would love to hear it. Cheers.