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hey guys, I start this fall in my nursing program and Im extremely anxious!!! Im looking for any advice that will help me in school. Whats the thing you can NOT live w/o during nursing school? What... Read More

  1. by   Prettyladie
    hey guys, if any of you are like me, i want to know how current students, and even graduates study or studied for nursing school. i started a thread, and it has GREAT information. its called "tell me how YOU study" , just look for it, and you'll find it. its got soo much information, and helps with organization too.
  2. by   semuller
    You guys crack me up!!. I used to nail my husband after work and then I went after my cat. Not just with the stethascope..but had a blast trying to do head to toe assessment on him....practice lifting and the guy would bust up laughing..and then play like he was dead and just drop to the floor and make me practice my CPR.
    My 2nd block nursing instructor always said "you shouldnt be in nursing if you arent having any fun." ROFL...
  3. by   TessaMae
    check to see if your program allows before investing!
    Quote from mrskellrd
    so guys....what about digital recorders or PDAs?????...im thinking about an itouch
  4. by   abbyann
    Make sure to get some regular exercise and take study breaks to refresh yourself (ok, I know that wasn't QUITE what the OP had in mind, but it's kept me sane so far).
  5. by   ranidays
    Since the boyfriend thing seems to be so amusing, here is a new tidbit to add to it, haha:

    Today was my birthday, so we went to Olive Garden. The ENITRE time, I talked about how excited I was for nursing school, what I needed, about the books, about scrubs, about classes, etc, etc. I'm pretty sure he wanted to kill me! But it's my birthday, so he can't It was such a great feeling, until he laughed at me cuz I have so many classes and he has like, one, maybe two a DAY. Then it wasn't funny anymore!

    Just thought I'd share... and I'm still excited to school-supply shop/get my books!
  6. by   9livesRN
    look at yall getting so excited!!! I remember when i was in your place... now i just cant wait to finish this thing! lol

    to be honest with you, i have not used 1/2 of the stuff i had.

    all i use:

    1 binder for each class those "thick ones"
    markers and collored pen to write on powerpoints
    my iphone (NANDA, DRUG guide, internet, epocrates, skyscape, medcalc, my onw e-mail, voice recorder...etc)
    i use about 3 glue sticks at least per chapter we cover, because i type my notes and print them into white paper, which i cut and glue it on collored flash cards!

    thanks God for dollar stores!
    and a bag that i bought at ross for 20$ with wheels which is great and build tough!

    and the rest depends on your brains
  7. by   raezee717
    Wow, what a great thread! Now I have what feels like a really good list of things to buy and keep with me. I'll be starting NS in August, and this has really helped me gauge where I stand as far as preparednes and mentality. Definitely keep this thread going!

    Good luck to everyone!:wink2:
  8. by   southernbelle4lu
    Hey, first of all congrats! I graduate this December and here are the biggest things I've learned in nursing school.

    1. Eat healthy. - You can't make it through clinical off of a doughnut or a pack of crackers.
    2. Get good sleep.- Studying is important but I've found sleep is even more important. If you are studying and you can't keep your eyes open...just go on to sleep. If you are that tired you won't retain it anyways.
    3. Study hard.- I'm sure you know this already..! Go home and review what you did that day. If you have ANY questions or don't understand something, ASK! Then smallest concept that you don't grasp can become major. All the stuff you learn just builds on to itself.
    4. Take time for yourself.- At least once a week do something you enjoy. I take Friday nights off from studying and I go out with my boyfriend or friends. Very rarely did I break that. You have to stay healthy emotionally!
    5. Strike up friendships with girls in your class. -They will always have your back and will be there to ask those questions that you might be too embarrased to ask your teacher!
    6. Have an outlet. - Whether it's walking, reading a novel (dont know anyone that has time for that lol), playing with your dog, praying, swimming... If you get frustrated or just can't study anymore. Take a break and do something to get your energy out.
    7. Learn how you retain info best and study that way.-Find out if you are more of a visual or audio person.

    And last but not least...

    8. Don't ever give up. -You've made it this far.. you can do this! Even when all odds are against you. If you make a bad grade..don't give up. Just keep trying. It's hard but its do-able. It takes sweat, blood, and tears- but be dedicated and stick with it.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!
  9. by   calledtodo
    Don't cram the night before a test. It will be hard to concentrate if you are dead tired. Coffee will only help so much, so try not to rely on it. Anyhow best of luck to you all. I am currently in the nursing program myself.
  10. by   KellRrn2b
    I cant believe how supportive this community is online... i wish the nurses that i work with in real life were as charming and nice lol...

    Yay! for school supplies!!!! (in bright pretty colors)

    I cant wait til aug 24!
  11. by   xochristie07xo
    Quote from mrskellrd
    I cant believe how supportive this community is online... i wish the nurses that i work with in real life were as charming and nice lol...

    Yay! for school supplies!!!! (in bright pretty colors)

    I cant wait til aug 24!

    Cannot agree any more on how helpful everyone is here!!!
    And yes... yay for bright pretty colors!!! lol
  12. by   Trina0606
    I am enjoying following this thread even though i haven't posted! I start my RN program August 24 also! 27 days!!!!:spin:
  13. by   beth66335
    ...you mean 34 days?