Waiting list????

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I got my letter from Cape Cod Community College last week, and it said I am on their waiting list, and once September arrives the list gets thrown away. Has anyone been on the waiting list and actually got the chance of getting in? I think the one's that got chosen have to let the school know by May 19, so now I get to wait in suspense all over again I got my letter from the other school I applied to and unfortunately I didn't get in, so I'm praying for this school!!!
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  3. by   Star Trek Nerd
    What do you mean "the list gets thrown away?" Does this mean that the waiting list starts over and over again each semester and that you never get moved up? That doesn't seem fair. At my college, students stay on the waiting list as long as they want. If they get into another school they remove their name, or if you get in but want to defer to the next semester you are guaranteed a spot the next semester, no questions asked and no more waitlist.

    It seems strange the way your school does it. Or maybe I am just not understanding your post correctly.

    I am on the waiting list for my school with hopes of getting in for August '05. That's a 3-semester wait, but it's good for me since I work and can only take my GE's part time. They said they usually go through 70 people or more on the waitlist just to get 30 confirmed because so many people are tired of waiting and have gone to another school, or just lose interest altogether.
  4. by   nursing26
    Sorry to make it confusing, but yeah I forget the way they worded it, but they have a waiting list that they only keep until the first week in September and then it will start all over again next fall, so I could be the next one on the list, or the 50th, who knows .
  5. by   NewEnglandRN
    My school has a "priority wait-list" of 5-10 students and then there is the "waitlist". Fortunately, I was on the priority list and got in right away

    Our waiting list is carried over from year to year, except the priority list. I was told if I did not get in this year, I would have a definite spot for next year.

    Good luck to you,
  6. by   mom2three
    I too, join the list of waitlisters! SO FRUSTRATING! After working so hard on the pre-req's and completing the application/placement exam. Ugh... I am on the waitlist for Quincy College, for their Jan '05 Part Time program, and don't expect that I'll be called. Looks like I'll have to wait another whole year before I can begin. So disappointing.
  7. by   alexillytom
    I too am on the waiting list. I have to wait until January to see if enough people drop or fail
    in order for me to be admitted. I am just sick. The waiting is the worst. I am wondering
    if I should go ahead and get the vaccinations, physical, and whatever else just in case
    they call me up two days before classes start.

    Best of luck to everyone.

  8. by   mariedoreen
    Where I live getting into a nursing program is really competetive (sounds like it's that way most everywhere) and so most students will apply to more than just one school. At the college where I'm completing my pre-reqs they have 72 positions and then an alternate list. Anyone on the alternate list that doesn't make it in during the current year to fill spots is guaranteed a position in the following year's class. In my biochem class alone I know of at least 4 students (myself included) who are turning down our acceptance in this college to take positions elsewhere. So, yes, it definitely happens. Keep the faith and I'm sorry they didn't give you a number so you could at least know where you stand.. that is so awful.
  9. by   Achoo!
    I am on the waiting list also, #266. They take 34 a semester so it will be a long wait.