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A good friend of mine called last night madder than h***. She is getting ready to take the final in peds and was ORDERED to go to a manditory meeting on the 15th or she won't get her grade. Her final... Read More

  1. by   fergus51
    Quote from mitchsmom
    I'm sure everyone has a point at which change would be unacceptable.
    Sure and as a nurse, I can always change jobs. As a nursing student, you don't have as many options unfortunately. I completely understand being angry and frustrated if courses were changed or locations for classes and clinicals or the costs were changed, etc. But changing a test, I think is pretty reasonable. If they are having problems with students failing the NCLEX and they think this will help them identify those students who MAY fail earlier and help them out, then I think it would be irresponsible to wait to implement that for the next class. In the end, they want their students to do well. I know as a student it may not feel that ways sometimes I had a lot of righteous anger in nursing school too:chuckle Fortunately you get through it and looking back it doesn't seem as bad.
  2. by   LeesieBug
    I agree that this is not a change in the curriculum. Our school has added various tests and assessment tools throughout the years. That is not the same as changing curriculum. I have had all kinds of new crap thrown at me...I figure if I can't pass the stuff they give me, maybe I DO need further education. I am GLAD they are doing their best to make me a a good nurse and increase my odds of passing NCLEX (I prefer to look at it that way rather than feeling that the school is only out for their own interests regarding pass rates ).

    As far as curriculum, ie required courses and sequence, we signed a graduation contract during our sophomore year (first year in nursing) that says they CAN NOT change our required courses.

    I'm sorry if this is stressing out your friend. I understand the aggravation, but its just the nature of the beast, unfortunately.
  3. by   wonderbee
    We have just had a similar situation. Throughout my NS career, I've seen different assessment tools come and go with new ones replacing them. This semester the HESI was added with the requirement of passing before graduation. Well, only 10 to 15% of the class actually passed. Are they only going to graduate 7 to 10 students out of 75??? Since the objective is to shore up the NCLEX pass rates, the faculty decided to give two additional chances to take the test. It will create incentive for the students to study and hopefully retain knowledge for the NCLEX. If on the second try, they do not pass, they will not graduate in December, and receive an "I" for their final grade. They cannot walk with the graduating class but they can get pinned. The third attempt comes in January, into the next semester. If they still don't pass, they will graduate anyway with the "I" being converted into a letter grade.

    As you can imagine, there was a lot of lively discussion concerning this issue the day following the test. It is common for passing exit testing as a requirement for graduation. These types of tests are mostly you know it or you don't. I refreshed for my HESI over a two day period just going over OB and peds, areas where I had my least exposure. I did fine.

    The bottom line is be flexible. Changes in content and testing tools are not uncommon, nor is it uncommon to be required to pass an exit test as criteria for graduation.

    Hope it works out for your friend. If she's getting "A"s on or her tests, she should be ok.
  4. by   kwagner_51
    I am starting to to see your point. However, when we took HESI before we graduated, the ones who didn't pass the NCLEX scored in the 600's - unlikely to pass NCLEX. Did they remediate them? NO. They told us not to worry about the test. I guess they should have worried about the scores a little closer huh?

    They also tried to blame us for not taking it as soon as we graduated. In fact, I talked to an LPN student and he said the reason they are taking this new test is brcause MY class waited so long to take it that alot of us failed.

    Several of my friends who took it and failed, took it in June and July. I couldn't afford to take it until October, yet I passed on the first attempt. I scored in the 900's-1000's on the HESI.

    what I am seeing from my NS is the test [HESI] told them that these student would not pass, but they did nothing to remediate them!! So their new course of action is to switch tests and hope the grades improve!! :angryfire Seems kinda ridiculous to me!!

    Thanks for all your comments!!


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