Unemployment, quitting work, and going to college

  1. Someone told me they'd heard a rumor that in some instances you can draw unemployment if you leave your job to go back to school? Anyone ever heard of or have any experience with that?

    I just checked on the WIA here and it only offers assistance if you attend a community college. Is it that way everywhere?

    Anyone have any other secrets to affording living (and other) expenses while in school?
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  3. by   jenjo29
    In the state of Texas, unemployment cannot be paid if they know that you are attending school.....you cannot quit your job and receive unemployment insurance....the emphasis here is "if they find out you are going to school". What they don't know will not hurt them of course. You must have lost your job due to no fault of your own... and be looking for work....this is up to interpretation. There are programs available through workforce centers that provide training in nursing to laid off workers...however usually the programs are out of money...
  4. by   angelac1978
    don't know if you have a plasma donation center anywhere near you, but that is what I did when I went through college the first time around. You can donate up to 2X a week. I used to make $35-45 a week, but I don't do it anymore cause it freaks Josh out too much!

    one thing I do still do is to cook in volume and freeze stuff. If I am at the store and say, ground beef is a really good price, I will buy a bunch of it, cook it and add whatever seasonings to it, and then freeze it. So then, if we want to make tacos, I just pull out a bag of the taco meat, heat it up and viola, cheap, fast, and tasty! I also clip coupons like crazy.

  5. by   Saved_by_Grace
    Wia is out of money here too...I always apply early but it never fails they always say funding is out. Here they have stopped taking apps for childcare assistance for adult students. Say they're out of funding there too. We are struggling soooo bad. I get pell but don't get what's left of it till near the end of each semester. I don't know. Hubby works at Wally World...lol needless to say, we are poor. I tried the student work option and they have no openings. I'd be interested in hearing any suggestions as well. I still have to pay for a physical and shots before Aug 2.....grrr...running out of time. I'm just sticking to my where there's a will there's a way..lol
  6. by   johngalt
    It is possible. But you really have to know the rules and have a legitimate angle that you can argue. I live in Oregon. Technically you cannot draw unemployment unless you are terminated from your job and the termination was not for cause. However, I quit my job, have been a full-time student for nearly a year, and have collected full unemployment the entire time without having to go through the exercise of looking for work.

    First I got a shrink to confirm that, in her opinion, my job was extremely stressful and was a hazzard to my health. I qualified for unemployment on that basis. I was helped along by the fact that my employer didn't contest it. I would have won the argument but it would have delayed things. Then I created a training program for myself that was clear and concise and demonstrated a path to my new career. Then I got myself certified as a "displaced worker". Hard to believe this one but I managed it entirely on the up and up by working with a federal grant funded local employment/training service. With this certification and the training program, I was able to qualify for TUI (training unemployment insurance - payments while in school - all states have this in one form or another because the money comes from the feds.). Technically my payments of $410/wk can continue until I get all the way through nursing school. But right now payments are exhausted until congress approves another federal extension to unemployment.

    Good luck.
  7. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Don't know about the unemployment question, but I do know how to survive on next nothing. I'm telling you, the secret is coupons, like another poster said. I clip like crazy myself, plus I swap with other people (by mail) for coupons that I can use. I save hundreds a month on groceries, health and beauty products, and cleaning stuff. The key to getting the most from your every dollar with coupons is to watch the local ads. Find stuff that is on sale that you can use, and then combine it with your coupon. Plus, many stores will let you use a manufacturer's coupons (the ones in the sunday paper) COMBINED with a store coupon. There are also stores that run double coupon specials where the store will double the value of your coupon. One such store is Fred's. I see you're in MS, any of these stores near you? http://www.fredsinc.com/storelocator.../msretail.html They double coupons every Saturday. I get soooo much free stuff that way. I could ramble on and on about coupons for hours, lol. PM me if you'd like to know anything else and websites to help get you started. Good luck.
  8. by   kids
    I suggest going in person to speak to your local unemployment office. Traditionally unemployment is a state insurance fund an employer pays into and is intended for people who have lost their job thru no fault of their own.
    In my experience unemployment does not pay or pay for people who voluntarily quit their jobs to go to school.
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