Uh-Oh! Hope this won't sideline me from school....

  1. I've been having a lot of pain in my left shoulder, mostly when moving it up, but it throbs mostly all the time now. It's been going on a month, even though I've been icing it and using ibuprofen. So today I saw my NP, and after some x-rays and stuff, said my rotator cuff is torn. We're going to try PT before going to an orthopedist, but I'm worried now that if I do need surgery (I'm still mobile with it, but it hurts to lift it above my head), I won't be able to do clinical. Since they only offer Nursing 101 in my school in the fall, it would sideline me for a whole year!

    I cannot let that happen! Anyone know how long it takes a minor shoulder injury to heal? This is my non-dominant side, so resting it is possible. I'm not lugging any laundry or anything heavy, and icing as much as possible a day. I've had 5 knee surgeries, and I know those can be a bear to recover from. Plus I'm diabetic, and that would delay healing (I suppose) with a shoulder injury.

    I'm praying hard I can get through this without surgery. My NP gave me a script for Vicodin for the pain. I filled it, but don't feel the need to take any - 800mg of ibuprofen keeps about 80% of the pain at bay during the daytime. Maybe at night when it gets worse (I roll onto it when sleeping and that sends a searing bolt of pain through my shoulder), but I really hate taking anything during the day when I may have to drive (a distinct possibility at ALL times with 4 kids! :chuckle).
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  3. by   kkbaroness
    I had the same problem last year. I had a tendon probelm in my shoulder. I had the same symptoms you decribe. THe Doc gave me a cortison shot inthe tendon and I was good as new. Never had any trouble since.
    Maybe it will work for you too...............
  4. by   suzy253
    Yes, I too had a rotator cuff problem. Painful!!! Also received cortisone shot after enduring the pain for awhile and haven't had a problem since then. Good luck to you.
  5. by   GPatty
    I've never had anything like that, but I have heard it can be terribly painful!
    Hope you get it feeling better soon!
  6. by   RedSox33RN
    Thanks for the tip on the cortisone shot. I had that done to my knee once, and thought it didn't help much for that, it just may for my shoulder! I'm definitely going to ask about it!