Types of grades in nursing schools

  1. Now, I'm looking for honesty. I know that there are many of you who received A's all the way through school, and that's great! I'm curious about you who had a hard time to start but were able to pull themselves up. Because of the intensity of many of the nursing schools, it is expected that better organization is needed to continue getting the good grades that got you into nursing school.

    So, what was your GPA getting into the nursing program?
    What were the worst grades you received (and how did you bring them up)?
    And if you graduated, what GPA did you finish with?
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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    I got a 2.75 my first semester here in college, mostly because I was constantly drinking or hung over... first grade card set me straight! Ive pulled it up to a 3.24 now. It can be done!

  4. by   peaceful2100
    I agree with Brandy it can be done. If you do not have the grades you currently would like they can be pulled up. It takes time and effort but if you work hard enough they can be done. My first semester of college I should have never started when I did. My daughter's father and I called off our engagement 2 weeks before our wedding day June 98 for the second time in less than a year we had called it off once before in June 97. The second time was more painful because he abused me not by putting is hands on me but mentally and verbally. I started college thinking I would be ok, I was not ok I was depressed and constantly crying. I was 18 at the time with a 7 month old and her father no where to be found. I ended up with a 1.5 GPA. It was horrible I had always done at least a 3.5 every semester in junior high and high school. A 1.5 was a very, very rude awakening for me. I took algebra, chemistry and anatomy in the same semester. Well I got some help and wanted to go back the next semester although my parents thought it was a bad idea and too early I begged and pleaded with them and for the next semester I got a 3.2 GPA but with that 1.5 GPA it did not do a whole lot to my GPA. Ever since my first semester I did not receive anything below a 3.0. Right now at present moment my GPA is a 3.0. I am in my junior year and have 4 more semesters to go. My goal is to bring my GPA up to a 3.5 by graduation. Can be it be done. It can with hard work and determination. All I know is that it will be A 3.0. Many people say that GPA does not really matter. That is fine if you do not want to go on to graduate school to earn a Master's in nursing. IF you want to earn a Master's in nursing I have not yet heard of one school that will admit students with anything lower than a 3.0 according to the publications. If they are doing it without than it is without much knowledge of them doing so. I was actually asked what my GPA was when I applied for my summer job as a care assistant at a children's hospital and the director of outpatient services who hired me said try to bring it up a little more.

    I will also tell you this I had a better first semester of nursing school then I did in pre-req's a whole lot better. My first semester of nursing school I received a 3.0 compared to that 1.5 I received in Pre-req's.

    Remember it is all about motivation, determination, and attitude
  5. by   MRed94
    I came into LPN school with a very average HS GPA, nothing to brag about.....I ended with a 3.86, but only because I wanted it.

    Now I am in ADN school, 3rd week of Micro with a 4.0 after all of my academic classes. I think I will be ok in Micro, and am attempting to keep the grades up there. If I don't do well in this class, I will cope.

    I'd like to graduate at the top of the class, purely for my own satisfaction, but if that is not possible, I will do the best I can do.

  6. by   BrandyBSN

    Dang it! I keep telling you, if you eat more bagels, your GPA will go up!

    Just kidding

  7. by   mgthompson
    Yeah, bad starts will really bite you in the rear.. . I went to Purdue straight out of H.S. - bad move.. spent 3 1/2 yrs working on Bio/German double major. Now I'm paying for my attitude back then. I'm a junior now, and haven't gotten any worse than a 3.75 this time around, mostly 4.0, but my cumulative GPA is still 2.63.... since that's from 130 credit hours, you can see that even if I get all 4.0s for the next 2 yrs I'll still only get out with a 3.03.. sigh
  8. by   GPatty
    My GPA in high school (20 yrs ago) was really nothing. I quit in the 11th grade to have my daughter, married, moved to N.C. and went back to finish 11th and 12th grade in 12 weeks of severe studying thru an Adult High School Diploma program.

    Then, 7 yrs ago, I was accepted in to the Nursing Program at Ohio State University, ended up pregnant (again), so I dropped out with out telling anyone or officially quitting the program. I just quit going.

    And just a little over a year ago, I dropped out of Indiana University East because I was failing Sociology and Algebra. I didn't go and take my finals...

    Now, I am in college again. This time I am all grown up, inside and out, and I am a nursing student. I will not quit, because I know I can do it! And my GPA is 3.5.

    Now, I know if after the mess I made out of my life for so long can be straightened out... then I have faith that anyone can do it! The key is to keep your chin up, have much faith and tons of prayer. A good support team sure doesn't hurt either!

  9. by   MRed94
    Yeah, right, Brandy....

    My GPA would be GAINED POUND AVERAGE.....!
  10. by   Mito
    The first time I went into the nursing program I flunked out after 7 weeks. 12 years later I rejoined the same program and my first semester GPA was 4.0 and 3.86 for my second semester.

    I feel the reasons for this are as follows:

    I am more mature now with more life experience

    I am focused on school and my studies and I am committed to my carreer choice

    I keep track of tests and do assignments as soon as possible and I don't sit back and hope problems will take care of themselves

    Stay focused on what your doing and why and you will be fine

    Hope this helps

  11. by   nrsbaby2be
    Hi Mito,

    I'm actually in the same boat. When I first got out of high school (half my life ago), I was accepted into an ADN program but due to the stress of losing my grandmother, I dropped out. I have although always had this incompleteness. I've returned to school last Spring, and I'm working on my prereqs to get into another ADN program. So far I've been able to maintain a 4.0 gpa with my first 15 credits...but this semester will be the one to get through...especially A&P I.