trouble with IPN arrogance and incorrect info

  1. having trouble with IPN...arrogance, and mis information about my case. need to know if anyone else is having trouble with their handling of their case
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  3. by   Tweety
    Sorry, but you have to play their game. Good luck.
  4. by   agnescwal
    that's what IPN tells me...i just can't believe i'm the only nurse having problems with ipn. first, i'm sent to an "addiction specialist" who has someone elses case in front of him, or ipn sent him the wrong papers! when i confront each of them with it, i get arrogant, rude backtalk, ending up with NO answer at all as to why something went wrong with MY record! i saw an attorney the following day, and this team constantly works with the Board, and told me IPN should be put out of business...most of them being nurses who are either recovering or couldn't hold down a staff job (floor nursing) if they tried, so they think they have POWERS FROM BEYOND. the only problem is, the retainer fee (i checked them out, and they are quite successful) is outrageous. i could get another degree with that money...that's guarenteed...their sucess in MY case isn' can only "play the game" when the game is FAIR...not when one team CHEATS!
  5. by   jenrninmi
    Sorry, what is IPN?
  6. by   UM Review RN
    Quote from JENRN2BMICHIGAN
    Sorry, what is IPN?
    I was wondering what IPN was too, but then I figured that if I didn't know, I couldn't answer the question.

    But since you asked, what IS IPN? Inquiring minds want to know!
  7. by   fleasle
    Quote from JENRN2BMICHIGAN
    Sorry, what is IPN?
    Intervention Program for Nurses is a possibility...
  8. by   agnescwal
    IPN is Intervention Project for guessed it, another money-making scam. the attorneys i hired have dealt with the BON many times...they refuse to deal directly with IPN. let me add, one of the attorneys is an MD as well, and two of the others have fathers who are surgeons, etc...quite knowlegable, but their fees are outrageous. i'd do whatever it takes to help myself, but 90% guarentee success; have to sleep on THIS one. it's all politics,i wonder if the IPN team gets "drug-tested"!??
  9. by   Tweety
    Do you have a drug addiction problem? I hope whatever happens, that you get help with that first and foremost. We had some long threads on this board in the past about people caught up their various states versions of IPNs, and the "one size fits all, and it's my way or the highway" approach, how many non-addicts have to play the game in order to remain in nursing. Sucks.

    But surely if you've been cheated and treated unfairly it can be resolved peacefully given time. Good luck to you.
  10. by   agnescwal
    no, i'm not and addict ....this was a case where someone asked me if i ever tried marijuana , i said no, she said "do you want a puff"? (this goes back 10 yrs. ago), i said ok. it was found (trace-level) on a pre-employment drug screen (at a facility in which i NEVER worked), and years later, it caught up with me. (don't ask, it's too complicated) and now, i'm at the 6 month pre-board hearing evaluation from "addiction specialist" stage. how much more rediculous can this get! yes, i've done all that the board order recommended...yet when i get to the "specialist" (i must put that in quotes because he needs to be brought up on charges himself, that's where the attorneys come in)...he has my case hx. all wrong, and i mean ALL WRONG,i call my case worker at IPN, and understandably go NUTZ, and all i get is arrogance,"we don't make mistakes", and now, i'm looking at ANOTHER two years of IPN! i do have legal council, but the cost is outrageous, and i am hoping to find someone else in a similar situation. been professional in teaching hosp. for 30 yrs...seems i got the "DEATH-PENALTY" for shoplifting a pack of gum!!!!!!!!! thanks
  11. by   agnescwal
    Hey, everyone... found lots of help for myself; if you're having troubles with your case, I know it's different in each state... but if you're having trouble with the screw-up of the HANDLING of the case itself, you need to go online and find the handbook (in my case IPN). It contains your rights as a participant. you have a right to a second-opinion evaluation , etc, etc, and you can send complaints to the Certification Board in your state. (in my case, FL.CERTIFICATION BOARD) the form is available online to print out, or you can send for it. GEE, funny I never got a handbook, or was told there IS one!! There are similar ones to report DON's, Supervisors, Addiction Specialists, on and on...I found out, my case manager is a CAAPP-1...Get THIS!! no license, no certification, not a nurse, no BS, BA, MS, AS, NUTHIN' the "title" with EXPERIENCE!!!! wow- this if getting to be too much...remember, these (IPN) agencies are run by your state Certification Board...even if they aren't Certified. hope this helps others...I'm still at it!