To read ahead or not.....

  1. Hi guys. I'm new to this site so I've been posting threads almost daily. I just wanted to share that I got all my books for this summer classes today, including the Saunders nclex book. Should I start reading ahead for fundamentals of nursing and make a summary/outline? I'm excited about starting next week but I'm scared of the workload and falling behind. That's why I want to start early. How do you guys take notes from each chapter and what works for you?
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  3. by   RN9742
    Unless you know what the reading assignments will be, reading ahead may be counterproductive. I say this because in my fundamentals class we jumped around in the textbook a lot, and did not just start with chapter 1. In fact we did not even read full chapters for some subjects we covered. I would maybe find someone who just finished the course and ask them. Thankfully all our classes require a manual we buy in the bookstore which outlines our reading assignments.
  4. by   christina731
    For my fundamentals class, the book had like 60 chapters and we did not go over some of them. It might also confuse you to start reading information that you won't be tested on soon. I would wait until the readings are assigned so you know exactly what to study.
  5. by   ms.minchin
    I agree with the other posts..why dont you just answer nclex questions under the topic fundamentals
  6. by   loveSBK
    Thanks for the replies guys. I've skimmed over the first chapter but I definitely think you guys are right. I also looked at the saunders book and is confusing right now. So i guess ill just enjoy the few days i have left
  7. by   springchick1
    If you can get a reading list from your instructor that would be great! If not, I would start with the chapters on Vital Signs, Hygiene, Safety, and Asepsis. That is a good place to start. I read the chapters and then go back and reread/take notes.
  8. by   Mimi90RN
    I read ahead and it was helpful to me. What I did differently was asking those ahead of me for the syllabus and textbook just so I knew specifically what to read. I also emailed my professors for the next semester to give me tips on what I should do before coming into their class; some responded by emailing me their syllabus and some did not. Like what aubgurl said, read chapters on Vital signs, assessment etc, things you know will definitely be covered