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I would love to hear feedback and/or opinions from other students on the whole nursing cap issue. I am graduating in May....Yeah! and there's a lot of controversy around the wearing of the nursing... Read More

  1. by   firstyearstudent
    Didn't monks used to give nursing care? Maybe the men could wear monk wigs with the bald patch on top and the hair at the sides.
  2. by   jov
    Quote from Aradien
    It seems a shame that when other professions have a long line of traditions, special ceremonies, hats, handshakes,etc., that nursing doesn't, because we are a profession as well.
    so what specifically were you referring to here? I don't know of any special ceremonies, hat, handshakes in other professions. Since we are trying to get nursing up to the same professional level as lawyers, do you mean like how judges still wear wigs (oops I guess they don't do that anymore, do they?) Hmm, I wonder how come everyone in the courtroom can figure out who the judge is if they don't wear wigs?
  3. by   Aradien
    The judges wear black robes though. As a profession we don't even wear all white any more.
  4. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I am set to graduate in 2008 and hope we wear caps. I really feel that they are an important symbol to nurses. I understand not wanting to wear it when you are working but I really think it should be work for graduation. I think it's a tradition that really needs to stay. With so many people in the medical profession looking the same at work the cap is one thing that sets the nurses apart and wearing them at graduation is the least that can be done.

    I'm a 30 year old nursing not super young, not really up there but just at the right age to remember my mother wearing her white cap and then having the red velvet stripe that I believe was placed when she was "certified"...something I don't think they do anymore.
  5. by   not now
    I was capped and pinned at my LVN graduation last year. That cap is now dusty and in a box somewhere the pin is...lost. Honestly, I went to the ceremony because I had known the Director of Nursing since I was a child and didn't want to dissapoint her. In all reality, I wish I hadn't gone. I was bored and just wanted it to end so I could take off my hat and robe.

    When I finish the RN program in May I'm not going to the pinning ceremony (no caps at this school). I'm not even going to the graduation. I'm proud of being a nurse but those types of events aren't really my thing.

    And if you're wondering if I'm going to celebrate my graduation at all well, that's what my vacation in Mexico is for.
  6. by   DaFreak71
    I'm glad someone else chimed in about the men. What exactly are they suppose to wear on their heads? I think nursing has come a very long way towards becoming more evidence based, more scientific, more integrated. Why do want to bring back an impractical headpiece just for the sake of tradition when to do so means that a portion of our profession will be automatically ignored? Can't we come up with something new that can symbolize nursing?

    My husband graduated from nursing school 1.5 years ago. At the end of the program some committee of students decided that everyone had to wear white at the pinning ceremony. All of the men in his class really disliked the idea, but they were a minority so their opinion didn't matter. Of course all the women looked very pristine and angelic in their pure whites, but the guys really did look stupid. They looked like orderlies from the old timey movies. I think that business attire would have looked much more professional and inclusive because the guys wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb.

    As for the patients who like their nurses in all white with the cute caps, they are a dying breed. I'm 35 years old and have only seen one nurse who dressed like that in my whole life. She was the exception, not the rule. There will come a day when nobody even remembers what old fashioned nurses use to wear and won't care. That's kinda sad in a way, but time marches on.

    Just my 0.2 cents
  7. by   DutchgirlRN
    If we wore caps at least we'd stand out from the medical assistants who like to "claim" that they are nurses.

    What happened to the idea of RN's and LPN's wearing patches on the right arm of their scrubs to let patients and families know who is the nurse? I still like that idea.
  8. by   pink2blue1
    I just graduated this past Thursday and we wore traditional nurses caps and white dressed and hose and white shoes. It was totally traditional and it looked awesome. I already graduated in a regular cap and gown from high school and college and I LOVED how this is tradition. It is a nursing school graduation and I LOVED that we dressed this way. We all looked so awesome, so traditional, so nursey! We were not allowed to wear our hair down, it HAD to be up off our collars. We had a capping ceremony back in february when we got our caps, so they are ours, we earned them and it's part of the tradition of nursing that I am darned proud to have been able to be a part of. Sure I will never wear it on the floor, but I have it and I am proud of it! if you want to see pictures I'll be happy to post a link.
  9. by   mercyteapot
    Sure, post a link. We love seeing them, don't we?
  10. by   pink2blue1

    Here is a link to my grad photos.
  11. by   IrishIzCPNP
    I think they look great! The style of that cap is actually different then what my mom graduated with ages ago. What is the significance of the different color stripes? The only one I know of is red as that's what my mom got when she was "certified".
  12. by   pink2blue1
    Quote from SAHStudent
    I think they look great! The style of that cap is actually different then what my mom graduated with ages ago. What is the significance of the different color stripes? The only one I know of is red as that's what my mom got when she was "certified".

    Thanks! The significance of the stripe is that it's the graduate stripe. Each school has a different color or different stripes. Before we completed the program we had the same color stripe but it was on the left side of the cap. When we graduated we got the graduate stripe that is how you see it in the pictures.
  13. by   Aradien
    I really enjoyed your pictures too! Thanks so much for sharing them! I think you look terrific! Congratuations! Do you know what kind of nursing that you want to practice?