tickled pink about OB rotatation (long)

  1. Today, I ended my focused in OB. I spent two days in PP, and the rest in L&D. It was great. I got to participate in seven deliveries with my preceptor and she was the best teacher. She has such a positive outlook on things, and that is really refreshing.

    I also got a compliment from one of the OB docs after assisting with a delivery. He actually remembered my name, and told me I did great with the labor. (All I did was hold one of her legs up, palpate for contractions and tell her when it was ok to start pushing--had epidural in). This patient also insisted on taking pictures of me with baby and referred to me as one of her nurses. Although at the beginning, she referred to me as "the student" and I was no more than a gofer. Gosh, I just loved it, but I can also see how OB can be so stressful. We had a few deliveries that were worrisome...I actually went home and dreamed about these babies.

    I also talked to the director today and hopefully, I will get a position in June. Job openings for techs were just posted this morning. I really like this director. She seems sincere and the staff has said "she is so fair"....

    Ok, I am done, just had to express all this stuff, and now it is time to get to work with my clinical writeups.
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  3. by   pokey sn
    Hi Kimmi! OB was awesome! I only had six weeks there and I only spent one lousy day inL&D. The rest was in Post partum. The nurses there are truley great in L&D---really great teachers. Now I am in psych which is quite a shift from OB.
    So glad you liked your experience!!Also good luck with graduation you lucky dawwwgBye now!!
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  4. by   maire
    That's wonderful! I love hearing stories like this. I start my OB 'rotation' in the Fall, and can't wait!

    Good luck with the job!
  5. by   Angella Walker
    In the fall I am doing my OB rotation and taking a natural family planning course leading to certification. I am highly pumped!
  6. by   Hooligan
    That's Awesome!! I'm so glad you had a great experience!

  7. by   kimmicoobug
    I just had such a wonderful experience there. I actually wished that I had done more PP because I like working with the new moms, and especially with the BF ones. I actually spent only 2 weeks up in OB doing my focused, but am just exhausted after that two weeks. I have also been in OB several times over the past two years. I am kind of curious how the six week rotation works in different programs...Do you get to go back, ever as a student? I also enjoyed my psych rotation. I was sent to the state prison and got to work with inmates.
  8. by   pokey sn
    Well in my ADN program, OB lasts six weeks. Clinical is one day (of about 5-7 hours). Later that semester, you go to Psych (inpatient in a hospital program) for another six weeks. You never return to OB or Psych. My next three semesters are all med surg and specialty areas. I have enjoyed it so far. I just can't wait until I'm finally finished so I can get started being a NURSE!