Thinking of dropping out.....

  1. I am thinking of dropping out. Do not know if nursing is really for me. Feeling a bit stressed, do not like going to lab, feeling like there is too much to learn and not enough time to learn it. Feeling like I will fail the compentencies that are coming up.

    Received my midterm score today for Intro to Nursing and received a 77% which is a D considering our scale is 78-84% is a C and I must have a C to continue. This course only has a midterm and a final and that is our only scores to work with. I really felt I did better than that and am very upset over it.

    I am bombing in A&P and will get another grade back tomorrow night and do not feel too good about that either.

    Trying to reassess why I decided to go to school for nursing in the first place and I have until Friday which is our final drop out date. Since I do not work in the medical field, I really don't know if it's something I would really enjoy and worth all this stress and aggravation to me and my family.

    Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   SusanRN2004
    Hi Deb, I am sorry to hear that things are not going well. I can relate to a lot of your post. I have not enjoyed this year as much as I thought I would, the thought of quitting went through my mind more than once. The amount of work in the nursing classes is overwhelming most of the time.

    I finally decided for me, that I would just keep showing up and stick it out. Only you can decide what is best for you. If you can imagine your life next semester without school and you feel a since of relief....maybe that's best for you....I could not imagine my self doing something else. I am hoping some of the joy I felt about school before will come back, but if not I am committed to finish.....

    Please let us know what you decide to do, I know sometimes that even deciding what to do is stressful.....I will pray that you will make the right choice for you and your family. Keep in touch.
  4. by   Vsummer1
    I know of another student facing similar concerns. They have decided to drop out of the nursing for now and just focus on the A & P, then retake the nursing. It was just too much "new" information all at once and the stress wasn't worth it.

    Maybe that strategy would work for you also?
  5. by   Mkue
    It must be a hard decision for you, only you can decide like SusanRN2004 mentioned.

    I felt the pre-req's were by far some of the hardest courses I've ever taken, I felt like giving up many times and then I got mad almost challenged myself that "I can do this". This is what I really want to learn.

    If you have that passion and desire stay with it

    What do you want to be doing 5 years from now?

  6. by   nrselisa
    I think my entire class is feeling the same way. We are all just so stressed. It is so much information to absorb. They just added more pages to our care plans, which has everyone stressed out. In Med Surg 1 we knew what we would be doing in clinical. In med surg 2, we never know what will happen. We may insert a catherter on any given day, but we won't cover that in lab until the end of the month. Our tests are so difficult & we never know what to study for.
    Gosh, I didn't mean to turn this into my own vent session!
    Why don't you try sticking with it for a little longer to see how it goes. That's what I am going to do. I will just be so releived when Winter break gets here.

  7. by   TeresaRN2b
    That is exactly why I am taking all my general ed classes before I start the nursing classes. Before you quit make sure you decide whether you are quitting because you are overwhelmed or if you really don't like nursing. If you want to stick with it maybe you can drop the nursing class and focus on the A&P for now. Here's a hug to you and hopefully you will be able to sleep on it and find the right decision for you.

  8. by   JennyRN2B
    I am so sorry to hear of your trouble. I had many people advise not to try and take A&P or any of the other "general classes" along with the nursing classes. Check to see if you are able to get back in after accomplishing all of your other courses.

    I have also found it so helpful, (now don't laugh) to make a pro and con list. It helps me to see all of the things down on paper when I am making a decision.

    Wishing you the best,
  9. by   CarolineRn
    Are you in an ADN or a BSN program?

    Either way, both are very HARD. Looking back, the prereqs were cake. I had a 4.0 going into Nursing school and today have just FLUNKED OUT.

    IT was because I wasn't ready to play the game.

    Don't let ANYONE lie to you and tell you that nursing school will be easier or even as easy as your pre-reqs.

    Nursing school will be 10 times harder than any pre-req you will take. You will long for the certainty of an A&P or a micro style test.

    There will be negativity, feelings of inadequecy, and many moments of doubt.

    But anything worth trying for is worth fighting for.

    It's only a short period of your life, and the payoff will last to the end of your life.

    You will be guaranteed a job no matter where you live.

    You will have attained a position that will earn you respect and personal satisfaction that you won't really get from any other "job."

    Salaries will be really damned good in a few years as the shortage deepens.

    You will gain an education DAMNED close to what a Dr. has in half the time, and as a result will be able to feel REALLY smart. (just ask any RN worth her salt)

    You will have an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment when all is said and done.

    You will be able to hold your head up high (even as your back gives out) and say, "I made a difference in someone's life."

    You may even find an opportunity to be a hero.

    If any of this matters to you, DON"T GIVE UP!

    I say this to you as I battle the snarky voice in my own head that says, "You're not good enough. You'll never make it. You FAILED." on the eve of my being kicked out of nursing school.

    The temptation is great for me to blame my instructors. To blame circumstance. To blame anyone but myself. But I am an adult. I chose my own path. I know my mistakes. I hold myself accountable. I know what I want, and I know how to get it. I am smart enough, I am quick enough, I am strong enough, and I am humble enough to accept my mistakes.

    That holds no bearing on you, I know, but maybe you will read this and the fighter in you will come out and overwhelm the doubter in you. Maybe something I say to you will remind you of why you are here in the first place. Maybe we can exchange emails and be support for each other. And maybe, just maybe, you and I can help each other become the kind of nurses we both know and strive to emulate.

    Don't give up if you really want it.
  10. by   javamom
    Hi Debi, a fellow Ohioan waving!
    Sorry to hear about the hard times you're having. I go to the University of Toledo and the majority of the students are failing A&P1 in my lecture. I hope you'll find peace with whatever decision you make. Do what's best for your family and mostly, yourself!
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  11. by   SusanRN2004
    Hi Deb, You have been in my thoughts the past couple of days...hope you have been able to come to a decision.(maybe got an encouraging report in A&P???)...hang in there...we care.
  12. by   dstudent
    Oh Deb,

    I can totally feel what you're going through in my degree I'm not doing to hot at all this semester and real feel like Im at the end of the rope with my papers and I'm only doing it part time.
  13. by   studentdeb
    Hi everyone. Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words.

    Susan, I did get a C on my A&P exam which is a first. As of yesterday, I was definitely dropping out but have not not it yet.

    My husband keeps asking me "do you want to be a nurse", "is this your lifelong dream". He doesn't want me to regret it later. I can't answer those questions though, I don't know if I will regret it later, all I know is I don't think I want to do this for two more years. Next semester, just for one class will require 14 hours between lecture, lab and clinical, plus I would have to take A&P II (provided I got thru I). I have been cranky all the time, I yell at the kids more and all I worry about is whether I can make it or not.

    Now, my delimma is if I go back to my job (which I have until 12/30 to do), what do I do about daycare and is ok for my kids (4 1/2 and 23 months) to be in daycare. I think the structure is good for them, but pulling them out of bed early in the a.m. does bother me still.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and if I definitely go and put in the paperwork I will let you know. In the meantime, I have a huge!!! headache.

    Take care.
  14. by   JennyRN2B
    I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Good job on your test!

    Oh my goodness, I can't imagine taking A&P II along with the nursing courses and clinicals. I think your counselor should have done his job and not recommended that you try and take the A&P along with nursing. I have heard several people say they have tried the A&P along with nursing and most of those people washed out. It is just too much. I still think if you can do this slowly, it is doable. Try taking a semester and finishing your general pre req classes. Then, after that is done, apply and focus directly on the nursing portion of your program. I hear even this is terribly difficult!

    The nice thing is, we are all pulling for you! This is just my humble opinion and I wish you the best and the best for your family.

    Take care,