The different kind of nursing students

  1. This might be fun. You all know the different types of nursing students you go to school with. For instance:

    The guy student who has the palm pilot with all the latest programs, which he plays with for hours on end, fanny pack, scissors of varying sizes, hemostats, and all kinds of gizmos attached to his pack. Always this type wants to work in the ICU's or ER upon graduation, wants to be where the ACTION is!

    There's the beauty queen, full face make up, eyes made up like a cats, always dressed to the 9's even in scrubs or that awful school smock you may have to wear, every curl neatly in place, perfect lips. Looking for that MD to replace her RN upon graduation.

    The studious student. In her/his back pack are not one, not two, but at least 4 - 1500 page nursing testbooks, at least 2 tape recorders and multiple notebooks. Sits in the front row but no one really knows her/him, disappears after classes.

    Who else do you know? :chuckle
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  3. by   RobSLCC
    How about the student whom scores above 90% on everything but cant even communicate with the client when clinicals start.................... and how about the student whom tells everyone in class her grandma, mother, and sister is a nurse so it is only fitting that she is a nurse, and for every question asked in clinicals and theory she just answers, she never raises her hand, she just feels its her right to blurt out any thing to try to answer the question............This is starting to remind me of that Budweiser commercial.

    "Mrs. Answers all the nursing student questions.....I salute you!":chuckle
  4. by   NurseWeasel
    How about the Charmer who uses every dimple, grin, eyelash flutter, and bit of wit they possess to schmooze the instructors into overlooking the fact that they don't study, don't turn in assignments on time (if at all), and are merely surfing through school on the coattails of the other classmates they mangage to schmooze while they're at it? <Grrrr> ..... AND GET AWAY WITH IT. Ugh! *throws up hands in disgust* All I can say is, may the NCLEX be impartial to schmoozers and weed out the undeserving.
  5. by   NurseWeasel
    Then there's the Nitpicker who argues every... single... point... during class, after class, during tests, in clinical, in post-conference, etc. Auuuuuuugh. I think I could maybe stand it if they were just seeking clarification because they didn't understand - but no, they actually argue with the instructors virtually nonstop!

    Uh oh, I think this is turning into a "NurseWeasel Vents" thread, lol.
  6. by   VivaLasViejas
    And I thought all those students graduated with me 7 years ago!! :chuckle
  7. by   belladelicious
    Just b/c a girl looks good and dresses nicely, doesn't mean she's in it to marry a doctor. I think ugly girls need to get over themselves.
  8. by   kahumai
    There's the complainer who argues that that teacher is stupid, the tests are unfair, the cirriculum is too hard, the book is confusing, the grading scale is impossible, the school is too expensive, their clinical site is too far, the uniforms are ugly, the computer lab never has thing after the other. :angryfire

    All the while, these are the same people who never study, half-a$$ all assignments and papers, and then sit there and complain and expect the entire nursing department to virtually shut down because they're unhappy.
  9. by   orrnlori
    The new-mom student nurse-you watched in amazement as she kept plugging away through her pregnancy, feet swollen, gag reflexes intact during clinicals, she delievered the baby on Sunday and was back to lecture on Thursday, never misses a beat even though she sometimes has to prop her eyes open during class, no one minds the sour milk and baby powder smell that floats around her because she's always got a smile - she's a new mom and almost a new nurse! Lots to smile about.

    The Been-A-CNA-For-5-Years nursing student. She smmmmokes you in clinicals, can do 5 things at the same time and is excellent in her communication skills and handling patients - you can't wait to be that efficient!

    The charge-nurse-to-be student nurse - she's interested in how the unit is run, gives opinions on how to do things better in the unit, analyzes the assignment board, looks through YOUR charts.

    The Everyone's Buddy student nurse. She's always enthusiastic and energetic, will lend you her notes because you were in the bathroom dealing with cramps and a nasty period. She always has ways to explain things better than the instructors and suddenly when she explains something to you, you have an epiphany!!!!!! So that's what the instructor was talking about!!!!!
  10. by   orrnlori
    Quote from belladelicious
    Just b/c a girl looks good and dresses nicely, doesn't mean she's in it to marry a doctor. I think ugly girls need to get over themselves.
    This is meant to be a fun way to blow off steam near the end of the semester for everyone. A sense of humor always does more for ones efforts than a sour attitude. Pretty is as pretty does. :chuckle
  11. by   lilbiskit78
    Ha orrnlori! I know the "perfect hair & makeup" gals you are talking about. You arrive at your clinical site at 0600 and there she is with full makeup, hair fixed perfectly, meanwhile, you dragged yourself up, brushed teeth, pulled up hair and threw on scrubs (me). LOL, I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting to look nice, but okay, we are going to a state mental hospital.....I am not trying to attract a man here!! This post is so funny!
  12. by   NursePru
    How about the student that knows at least one person per disease. Conversation would go like this: Teacher: "Now we're going to learn exactly how [insert disease here] is inherited or contracted. Student: "My neighbor's, brother-in-law's, sister's, husband had that."

    I love it! Never fails, everytime this person knows someone who had whatever we are talking about.
  13. by   BSNgrad2004
    no offense , but how bout the nursing students who go out for a smoke break immediately following the respiratory lecture on lung cancer, emphysema, and the like.
  14. by   Altra
    Great thread!

    Thanks for posting it, ORRNLORI - these are too funny