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This might be fun. You all know the different types of nursing students you go to school with. For instance: The guy student who has the palm pilot with all the latest programs, which he plays... Read More

  1. by   wonderbee
    How about the smooth talker/BS artist. In clinical, he/she is known to answer a direct question with a big-word broad answer that is technically correct and sounds impressive but not quite nailed down to anything specific. The instructor knows what he's up to and he's got no one fooled but he's playing it safe and that's all that matters.
  2. by   HyperRNRachel
    Has anyone mentioned the student who will ask a question that is off topic to the class you are attending that you wonder how they are sitting in the same class as yourself? You know the type of questions that leave you wondering if they are hearing the same lecture as you, or have the voices within their head taken over?
  3. by   orrnlori
    Quote from hyperstudent
    Has anyone mentioned the student who will ask a question that is off topic to the class you are attending that you wonder how they are sitting in the same class as yourself? You know the type of questions that leave you wondering if they are hearing the same lecture as you, or have the voices within their head taken over?
    OMG, I had one of those too. I had forgotten all about her. Yes, you are never quite sure if she is really from this world or from somewhere else.
  4. by   NurseWeasel
    The ones that slay me are the ones that ask questions that are CLEARLY answered in the text, like, in large bold font, with pictures, to where if you even OPENED the book you couldn't miss it... clearly signifying that they haven't bothered to read the chapter. How the instructor manages NOT to reach over & smack 'em I have no idea, lol.
  5. by   |nexus|
    That's me too!

    Quote from Gampopa
    How about the student who has no idea what's due or when it's due let alone what class their sitting in or when the next test is or what day it is or .. oh wait, that's me!
  6. by   mrsmoo2
    I have one who's cell phone rings ALL THE TIME!!! She will sometimes even answer it!! I've had her in two classes & I just want to ring her neck. She will not turn it off, or even to vibrate..she just keeps saying she has to have it on, cuz she "runs a business". Last I knew, she's a waitress!!
  7. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I've gotten to the point with the cell phone deal where i say something like "the class is not your phone booth". Yeah that's rude, but the fact that these people have been asked to turn it off REPEATEDLY and STILL don't do it burns my ***. I understand there are emergencies, but COME ON!
  8. by   HyperRNRachel
    How about the dum-dum who leaves their phone ringer on and while she is in the restroom during lecture and the phone rings and rings? :angryfire I do not know who is the bigger dummie in that situation, Miss. Rude Princess or the idiot who cannot get the hint that after 10 or so rings someone is not going to answer.

    And another one of my big pet peeves. The girl who walks into the lecture 10 minutes late, slams the door, and then has the nerve to look at the class like its our fault for starting on time. One small bit of advice, if you are going to interupt 70 students at least look remorseful or better yet....use the door located at the back of the class. The type of person who seems to walk and react in super slow motion.....PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP, SISTER! I can tolerate anyones occasional lateness. BUT constantly being late is a serious abnormal behavior in my book. I think after being late everyday I would start to think to myself.....HMMMM maybe I should get up earlier, leave the house earlier, walk a little faster or check my clocks. I'm not saying put lives in danger by speeding down the freeway...just get to class when it starts. Is that too much to ask??? Maybe it is...she is definitely no Albert Einstein.

    O.k. I'm finished.
  9. by   jaimealmostRN
    What about the student who cannot fathom why they failed our maternity exam b/c after all, "I have three kids." This person then goes on to call our entire clinical group "dumb".....uh, we didn't fail the maternity exams.... :angryfire

    I admit to being the perfectly made up/hair done student at 6am! (I also don't want to marry a doc.) Although being the poor nursing student I am, my wardrobe consists of scrubs and sweat pants!
  10. by   NurseWeasel
    I *so* do not understand you morning people. Do NOT try to wake me up in the morning, regardless of how much sleep I got the night before. I'm one of those people who needs a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night, but it never seems to matter much in the morning... I hate getting out of bed. I wonder whether or not people I work with know that though, because I always try to perk myself up with hair & makeup before work. By the time I get there, I'm wide awake and look great, but I sure do dread leaving my nice warm cuvvies, lol.
  11. by   Jen2
    I am a morning person that is all made up just because we start clinicals at 7:00a.m. and on the days I work, I have to be there at 5:00a.m., so A clinical day is like sleeeping in for me, but if you would see me at work at 5:00a.m. it is a whole different ball game.

    We have the guy who flunked out first semester at our program x amount of semesters ago, and went to a different program and passed the first semester but failed the second, and now he is back at our program again repeating the second semester. This guy never takes notes, told a patient in same day surgery that he was going to get an I.V. so that his veins would not collapse, but he got a 92% on our last exam. I wouldn't even let this guy take my radial pulse!

    We have the girsl who's father is a doctor and thinks she can come to EVERY class 15 minutes late and then has the gull to go to the bathroom and freshen up her makeup. She even missed the standarized test that we had to take.

    Then we have the people that I would trust with my life. They know all the material, are excellent communicators, and could do any skill in the book but still can't pass an exam. Breaks my heart because I study with some of them and they know the material front and back.

    Then my favorite is the LPN student that tested out of first semester (not all the LPN's just this one) who won't even let the the instructors talk because she already know's this and can't seem to pass an exam. She's the one that constantly states "In LPN school we learned that....", and "in the real worl you would....", and "I have been a nurse for three years and I never....".

    Oh well. It's a melting pot for sure.
  12. by   Jen2
    Oh I forgot about the brown nosers that if an instructor would stop their whole head would literally dissapear. I am very respectful and appropriate around all of my instructors, but in the end if you end up with a 74.9999999% you still wount pass no matter whos a$$ you kissed and for how long so whats the point?
  13. by   sagelola
    Okay, the one that really gets to me is the girl who thinks she knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING. I don't even like speaking in the same room she is in, because no matter what you are talking about she already knows everything about it. And she's if you ARE talking, she asks what you are talking about...even if it is none of her business. I mean, she is so bad, that she was arguing about how a class goes with the students in the semester BEFORE us who had just finished it! ARRGGHH....can you tell, she really gets to me.

    Then we have the student who works 2 jobs, doesn't read anything or study her notes, and still manages to get A's. (I am not jealous...I study my butt of and get the A's I deserve..I just can't figure out how she does it!)

    We have one of those guys who has all the latest gadgets, too. But, this one, he talks to EVERYONE, knows absolutely EVERYONE, and is doing everything. I wish I could be like him!! He set us up a web group, too...and he is so friendly, as well.