Taping Lectures

  1. Does anyone tape lectures? Do you find it helpful? If so, what tape recorder do you have and does the recorder have to be in the front row?
    A classmate last semester said all she did was listen to lectures, she says she didn't study for tests any other way?
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  3. by   amber74
    I have a digital one.I spent about $80.I can download it to my computer and make cds.
    I always ask to have it on the instruc desk.They usually dont mind.It has voice activation,so it wont have any dead air time.
    They also have external mics on mini tri pods to put on the desk for better quality.Not all are the same.Do your research.Nothing is worse than thinking you have a lecture fully recorded and it comes out bad.
    It never replaces listening though.I use it to reaffirm that my notes are correct and to fill in the gaps I missed.
    Good luck!

    I have: My voice dmr-918su (18 hours)
    got it at: www.sorainc.com
  4. by   ZootRN
    I have a digital one also. I download lectures to the computer and listen later, looking through my notes and making sure I got everything correct. It also helps to retain stuff better (I am 90% visual learner, 60% audio learner). But it does not substitute reading the textbook and other study strategies for the tests, in my school at least it would not be enough.
  5. by   NurseFirst
    Quote from mystic_fish0526
    I have a digital one also. I download lectures to the computer and listen later, looking through my notes and making sure I got everything correct. It also helps to retain stuff better (I am 90% visual learner, 60% audio learner). But it does not substitute reading the textbook and other study strategies for the tests, in my school at least it would not be enough.
    I just started using mine. It will record up to 90 hours in the slowest mode, so I have LOTS of room. The digital voice files are amazingly small--smaller than the resultant .wav files are when I convert them.

    Rechargeable batteries and a charger will also keep you from running to buy batteries all the time, too.

  6. by   caroladybelle
    Numerous threads on this subject are available to you.

    You need to get permission to tape lectures. Not all places will permit this.
  7. by   nursingismydream
    True some places don't allow it. I just bought a cheap one at Wal-mart. I tape the lecture and take notes. Then when I go back to rewrite my notes, I listen to it as I write. I find that there is always something I missed. I rewrite my notes a lot, so I listen to the tapes a lot. I find it very helpful. But it does help to set in the front row. Also, it is harder to tape in some rooms then others and get a clear recording. For example, my tapes that I have taken in the lab are cruddy no matter where I sit.
  8. by   mariedoreen
    I don't. One, I don't have time to re-listen to lecture... I'm too busy reading ; ) Two, the info in the book is far more valuable for preparing me for the exams than lecture has been so far. And three, our instructors only grudgingly allow it, they all despise it when we tape them and I don't need their displeasure aimed at me! Now that you mention it though, I don't think anyone has taped any lectures since like the 3rd week of our first term... guess they didn't like upsetting them either!
  9. by   acgemt
    Check with your instructors before taping. So often it is assumed, and a lot of students quickly learned yesterday that taping is not allowed in our current class. I personally don't tape record class sessions (personally there is too much background noise-chatter, rustling chip bags, etc). And it I am always distracted by the sound of tapes ending their side and the button clicking...then people changing tapes...just sit down, be quiet, and listen...it does wonders!!
  10. by   nurscee
    I made straight As in nursing..grad in Dec. Could NEVER have done it without tapes.
    I sat on front row. My friend had trouble with the voice activated one, so beware.
    Buy lots of cheap batteries from dollar store. Change them before each lecture. Don't chance on them going dead when you're not looking!
    Get good headphones.(try radioshack for ten dollars) Need them to hear while you drive the car, shop, take a walk, or any time.
    It's like getting free study time! After awhile you start to notice when the instructor repeats, or pauses...those are the test questions. Each instructor has her own way of emphasizing what's important.
    I mean, they don't give away the farm. But, you will pick up on enough to pull you thru.
    If you listen to the tape enough, then during the test you can almost hear her voice saying the answers.
    It worked for me. Hope it works for you. Nurscee...happy new grad.
  11. by   janetrette
    i taped my lecture for preclinicals and my nursing courses. most of the time i listen to it however there were times i didn't but i keep the tape for future reference. it great to study on the way to school or home. listening the tape can enhance your learning. as i listen to the tapes i would make little notes on my notes with A DIFFERENT COLOR PEN - USUALLY RED! so it STANDS OUT letting me know that i got the info from the tape.

    you will be suprised of how much you missed during the lecture. my classmates needs the tape because her english is not good. some don't feel like the need to tape lecture since they think they won't listen to the lectures. if you get what i mean.

    i had both a recorder and digital. sound is best with digital! however, in my opinion it was a pain to download the lectures off to a CD and when playing through i can't go back since that means i had to start from the start. with a tape recorder i could go back to where i wanted without starting from the beginning.

    i like using the tape for my studies however, the decisions will be up to you. sometimes i just taped the lecture knowing i won't listen to it for the "just in case" and believe me people do borrow it! but most important reading your text and see what the professor is stressing out during the lecture will help you figure where to pinpoint your studies.

    good luck!
  12. by   Kabin
    They are valuable for those instructors that don't follow the textbook as that frees up reading time. Otherwise, taped lectures are less valuable. One good use is during review for a test, especially for those instructors that give hints.
  13. by   blue eyes
    i thought about taping lectures before i started printing the lecture notes off webct - we can download the notes in power point format which are identical to the slides used in the lecture).

    this way i can listen to the lecturer with more attention and focus on the important information rather than trying to write down everything on the lecture slide - which is how i would have put a recorder to use.

    some lecturers mention it at the start of the semester, but generally they prefer you let them know or ask when you intend on taping a lecture.

  14. by   QuilterLPN
    I started taping lectures last quarter, with permission from my teachers. My recorder is not a digital one - I was so torn! But it is a compact little Panasonic recorder for audio tapes, and can record in slow speed so I can record three or four lectures on one tape. I never recorded lectures last year, but this year is harder and I have to say that I'm the only one who recorded every darn lecture last quarter and I'm the only one in the class who got an A.

    I'm a convert! I can re-listen to lectures while I'm doing the dishes or cooking or folding laundry, or driving to clinical! It's great!
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