Surprise test!!???!!

  1. I just got a letter in the mail telling me about a 3 1/2 hour test being administered for the nursing students NEXT MONDAY! It's not computerized. It sounds like an NET exam, basic skills in math, english, etc... but we're all already accepted.

    The letter is so sweet as to say, "This is NOT voluntary, it is MANDATORY. No need to study, just eat a good breakfast and bring a healthy snack and 2 #2 pencils." (Are we going to eat the pencils?)

    Has anyone else had this happen? It's total short notice and no one could really adequately study for it in this time span. Am I wrong for being a little put off by this action?

    I'll appreciate any insight I can get from y'all.

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i took the net test, but, it was to determine acceptance by passing the math and reading sections. the other sections is suppose to give the school a general base of knowledge that show your strengths and weaknesses.
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  4. by   Mkue
    hi there, it probably won't be soooo bad.. we had a surprise test too,without a notice.. it wasn't hard.. ditto to what lpn future rn said.. it's probably to give the school a knowledge of strengths and weaknesses.. good luck
  5. by   larae09
    Our school is trying to determine which test they want to use as an enterance exam for next year and so on. WE got to be the guinea pigs. With no notice whatsoever, half of our class took the HESI exam and the other the NET. It doesn't affect placement they just wanted to try it out to see which test they liked better. It was computerized. Then today we took a critical thinking test.....2 hrs.....not fun. I am sure you will be ok.

  6. by   babynursewannab
    Thank you, gals, for your input.

    Suzanne - how can anyone critically think for two hours after completing an entrance exam????

  7. by   alem-tsahai
    I too got a 'surprise' announcement. We have to take the NET and some sort of critical thinking test on orientation day (8/22). We've already been accepted, registered for classes and everything.

    Even so, tests like these always make me nervous. I heard it was simple but the urge to study for it is overwhelming (they have study guides for the NET exam).

    Best of luck to us all!
  8. by   babynursewannab
    Good luck to you, alem-tsahai!