1. Hi,
    Im kinda sad :uhoh21: I failed my first test in the third semester ADN! In mental health the questions are so abstract and there were questions of drugs that were never mentioned I thought I had studied enough but I guess not. Oh well Im just got to buckle down and study harder I guess. Anybody got any suggestions to help me At this point I am still passing the class but I need to do better. So I am a little sad and mad at the failed test.
    Man mental health is gonna drive me crazy! :trout:

    Thanks for listening
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  3. by   GingerSue
    if there are questions that refer to drugs that are not mentioned in the book or by the instructor, then inform them of this problem so that they can remove those question

    what other types of questions were you answering incorrectly? Try to find the answers somewhere in the textbook.

    here's hoping for you
  4. by   frez
    I was just thinking would buying a rn-nclex study guide be helpful for me in mental health?

  5. by   southernbelle08
    I find the NCLEX books to be very helpful because they help you get in the mindframe the questions will be coming from. My best advice is to not dwell on this one test - if you do, it can ruin future tests for you. Just focus on doing well, working to improve things (the NCLEX book is a great idea!), and do your best to do better next time. Just let it be that one test and forget about it!
  6. by   frez
    Thanks for your replies and support. Im gonna get a nclex book to help me. YOur right it is only one test and I only missed it by one question. I know I can do better next time.

  7. by   frez
    good news I didnt fail the test! It turns out that one of the questions was graded wrong so I got an 80 instead of an78, not great but passing so happy that i didnt fail.

  8. by   future L&Dnurse
    Glad to hear you didn't fail after all!

    I also suggest an NCLEX review book. I did really well on mental health on the HESI and that's all I used to study - I haven't done a mental health rotation yet. I used the Saunders comprehensive review.

    I also maintain that mental health questions are built the way they are to try to create more patients.
  9. by   Jules A
    I'm in my second year and a pretty decent test taker and have to say those mental health questions can be the worst! Sometimes even after I see the "correct" answer I'm still confused, lol. It will get easier with the more concrete subjects, imo. Definitely do questions from the NCLEX cd it has been a huge help for me. Hang in there, Jules