Summer school -Pharm. and Med-Surg

  1. I have to take Pharmacology (11 weeks), Common Concepts/Med-Surg (8 weeks), and my Common Concepts Med-Surg clinical(8 weeks). At first, I was thinking it was going to be an hard summer, but now I am thinking it may be somewhat nicer than I had originally thought because the way the schedule works out we get Fridays off! My only concern is getting all the information that I will be needing for Pharmacology in 11 weeks compared to the 16 weeks it is taught in during a Spring/ Fall semester. I have been given the same suggestion over and over about how to study for Pharm, so I think the way to study is not a problem. I just need to know that some of you whom have been through Phamacology boot camp :chuckle not only survived but also made at least a nice, fat, say it loud, say it proud, B.

    My other request is concerning Med-Surg. Our original class is now somewhat fuller, because of student who failed their first Med-Surg class. What part of Med-Surg, for those who have taken this class, would you think is the area needing the most attention? I finished my first semester with two A's and two B's (my first B's ever! but I love them anyway) so I feel like I have the ability to withstand more complex content. I think I am feeling insecure because I saw the number of students who failed sitting with our class; it was a reality check moment!

    I just need reassurance. Maybe a few success stories and I will feel better.
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  3. by   Altra
    Hyperstudent, I'm where you are right now - in the middle of the monster 14-credit med/surg course - so I can't offer a finished success story, just support! We've had 3 test so far, and they were noticably more difficult than the nursing II tests. Several classmates have failed all 3. I'm in the solid B range, resolving to make more time to study before the next test. I will be happy to get through this semester with a B.

    Good luck!
  4. by   HyperRNRachel
    MLOS well that way not too reassuring :chuckle ! I am glad to hear you are doing well in the class, although I am now nervous because students at your school are failing too!

    Why do you think you classmates failed all three test? Is it the fact they do not study or is the information beyond their grasp. Does you school provide any mediation for those having difficulties with classes as a way to help determine why they failed the previous test?
  5. by   Altra
    Well, I think it's a combination of things. Two of the people failing are known slackers, and I think they've just about run out of slack at the end of the rope, KWIM? For others it might be the pace of this semester - the HUGE careplans & maps for clinical, plus reading/studying the material for class. But I'm starting to think that a lot of it is this mysterious phenomenon that all of the instructors have been saying since Day 1: "putting it all together." That ability to not simply learn material for a test, but incorporate the big picture into your thinking. It can be a struggle. When I get tests back, some of the ones I got wrong make me wonder, "what the hell was I thinking?" Other questions still make me go "HUH??"

    Hang in there!
  6. by   HyperRNRachel
    I see what you mean, now that you put it that way. It does go from being "I need to know this" to "thinking critically". It is no longer just spitting out definitions.
  7. by   GDeppe
    When I was in LPN school - I learned one important thing: Dont compare yourself to any other student. If you start thinking that so many have failed, am I going to? Then you set yourself up for failure also. Your where you are because your good at what your doing. We started off with 30 students, ended up with 10 (not sure why, although it was hard). The Instructor said consider yourself one of the best!!!!! Good luck and remember that!!!!!

    Ginger in FL (RN prereq student)
  8. by   AmyB
    When my class started Med/Surg I&II, there were quite a few new faces that had failed the courses/clinicals previously. They survived our retiring professor and have been able to continue with the program, although it is with a class graduating a semester later than originally planned.

    Just keep on keeping on and you'll be fine.
  9. by   prinzessdy
    I took Patho/pham and Microbiology together and I was alot of studying. I survived both classes with a B . There were several of us that took the 2 together and survived. I took my classes in the spring semester but the pharmocology and the pathology were spit ( patho the first half of the semester and pharm the second half). I went to the U of A and nobody fail in my class. Just remember the endings and the classifications. You'll do great