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Hi everyone! This summer I signed up for a couple "gravy" classes that I need for my prereqs. I start the nursing program in August. I went to my first soc class on Wednesday... its a killer.... Read More

  1. by   Lauryn
    I am just starting a summer English class tonight. Yuck. I have one year to go in nursing school, but I dropped an enlish last semester and I want to pick it up this summer in case it doesn't fit into my calender in August. I have a six yr old boy, a three yr old boy, and a two month old baby girl.....I WOULD HAVE NO SUMMER ANYWAY! Might as well be in It is a night course, so hubby will be home to take care of the troop...hope he remembers to feed 'em! LOL!
  2. by   AppyHorseFan
    Robin...WAY TO GO!!! We didn't have to do any experiments in my psych class. But I know you worked on it. Keep up the good work!!!
    Lauryn...sounds as if hubby is supportive of your decision to return to school. That's wonderful. My ex- wasn't very supportive...I have wanted to be a nurse for many years now. And guess what the first move was when I finally decided to leave....Yeppers, went and enrolled in Med. Term. (summer course) and have been going strong ever since. Tomorrow (June 6) marks the beginning of my third year anniversary of leaving and haven't regretted it for a single moment. I know that's getting off the topic here...Sorry, but thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

    Anyway, keep up the good work everyone and let's do what we can to change the way things are today in the nursing profession!!


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  3. by   Robin61970
    It is impossible to do this without the proper support. I looked into going to school 7 years ago, but the man I was married to at the time worried more about his career and the money we would lose if I went to school so I never got to go. The man I am married to now is so supportive! I am very lucky! I worry though that he may get tired of the house not being clean or something like know how we women worry,lol. Good luck everyone!
  4. by   essarge
    Thought I'd stop by and let everyone know how things are going here.

    I'm holding on to a "B" in A&P, just barely. That means studying for at least 4 hours after school. Each of our exams cover 4-5 chapters at a time (YUK!). So when I get home, I review from the first chapter covered for the next exam and then read ahead so I kind of understand what is going on.

    Allot of the mistakes I've made on the exams have been stupid mistakes, that when I get them back I immediately know the answer. Guess that's what they mean by "exam anxiety!! One example was on a term quiz where they asked what was the anatomical name for armpit. I drew a complete blank, which was really stupid because I knew this term for years!

    Psych is an ok class, love the lecture because I can debate with the instructor!!

    Anyway, hope everyone stops back and gives us an update on how things are going with their summer classes!!
  5. by   Robin61970
    Well, only 2 more weeks of Eng and I got my first B the other day. I was very hubby laughed...he thought it was funny I was upset over a B, guess I need to lower my standards a bit. So far I am holding an a+ in psyc, but I still have 8 weeks to go there.....hope to keep it! I start english II in 3 weeks and we are reading The Pelican Brief. I have already started it, I love to bout everyone else?
  6. by   moni rn
    Even though I have the teacher from h*ll, I am still in Micro. So far, I have an A average. On the first test, I got a 93 (a low A), and I was so disturbed. Robin, like yours, my husband thought I was being ridiculous. I made a stupid mistake. I didn't read the question correctly. Yes, definitely, exam anxiety!

    Micro is my last prereq. I am still waiting on word if I have been accepted to nursing school. I probably won't know for a while, because I need night/weekend classes, which begin in Jan.

    Good Luck! to everyone in summer classes!