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I study every night and every test I get the same grade 84. Sometimes I will get a A here and there but not a solid all the way through. I do all the readings,take notes,go over stuff every night.... Read More

  1. by   nurse4theplanet
    I found that if I could teach the lecture to another classmate, then I performed at my best and retained the information. Study groups were very helpful for me if they were small, two to three other people, and I could go through the lecture like the instructor. My study group partners found this beneficial as well...they enjoyed listening to me teach them and break things down from a student's point of view.

    In addition to that, I HAD to cram the night before the test to relieve my anxiety, even if I studied alot all week. If I didn't spend the night before and morning of the test trying to absorb every last little tidbit of information, I would be too anxious to concentrate. It was purely psychological.

    Study habits are unique to everyone. You have to find what works best for you. To start...I would recommend looking over your notes each day, even if you just skim the highlights. Attend a study group once before each test. And hit your notes hard core a day or two before the test and the morning of...then change your routine as you see fit until you find the perfect combination of studying.

    Remember. Your short term goal is to pass the test. Your long term goal is to master the core content that will be applied in everyday practice.