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Just wondering.... How many students are presently enrolled in school who have children at home? 1 Yes, I have children at home. 2 No, I have no children at home.... Read More

  1. by   rosemadder
    hey, i have a son, 14 (going on 18) and a daughter, 7 (who says she's a teenager). i am a single parent so do not have an adult child to care for. :d congrats to all who have supportive spouses--you are truly fortunate!!!
  2. by   AppyHorseFan
    I am a single mother with two kiddos...10 year old son and 6 year old daughter (who thinks she's 26...LOL). I left the BIG kid behind 3 1/2 years ago and immediately began my dream of becoming a nurse (something he did not support or want). But I'll show him...I already have one degree since leaving him (AAS)...and will have my second in 16 months!! That'll be TWO degrees in five years...something he NEVER thought would happen. OOPPSS...sorry got off the topic there. Any way, we currently live with my parents, but wll be moving into our very own house shortly (provided it doesn't take us forever to do the renovations...LOL). For those with younger children...even WITH a supportive hat is off to you girls (and guys). I know how hard it is!!! Good luck everyone this semester!!!

    Happy Riding,
  3. by   Tiggur
    well thanks for the great responses ... since i asked this guess i should tell you all about me .... I have two children a boy 10 soon 11 (like the rest thinks hes 16) and a daughter 6 also thinks shes 16... i am engaged to great guy ....this poll has got me thinking ..... with the new semester coming up TOMARROW!!! how does everyone find the time to make the special people in their lives feel special when your at your busiest... i feel like i neglect them sometimes so bad ......well everyone GOOD LUCK and you will all be hearing from me i really like coming on here and you all seem so nice to you alll soon.......
  4. by   pkmom
    I have a precious 15month old boy. I only take two classes at a time so I can stay home with him. Hubby has flexible hours so he stays with him while I am in class. My aunt likes to keep him for an entire weekend to give me time to study! I wouldn't have made it through A&P without her!!!
    How do you make time for those special people? You just have to set aside time and do it, just like with studying. SHould tell hubby, "the more time you spend cleaning the house, the more time I will have for you" Its true!
  5. by   old-master
    I have a daughter who is 2 and is developmental delayed. But no one one could be sweeter! My wife is at a local private univ. to study Social work. I know one day, dispite, the suffering, that it will be all worth it!
    old-master has spoken.....
  6. by   Mkue
    Hi all,

    I have three sons, 19, 13 and 12, the last two were not planned that close. My oldest is a freshman in college. The two at home keep my husband and I busy.

    I remember the child care days and the expense !! It does get better so hang in there. Kids are so fun and challenging !

  7. by   Lausana
    I have a 14 month old boy & last semester was a juggling act!! His dad & I both work during the day & go to school, and since I went at night several nights a week-it was hard. But we have very supportive extended families.

    Both Grandparent were helpful & his aunt doesn't have any children so she loves to have him over too. They were lifesavers and we couldn't have made it without them all. Thankfully, this semester I only have one night were I won't be home till 7:30! So we'll be able to be normal again!!

    (Nice to meet you too Tiggur!)
  8. by   christinemj
    I have 3 kids - 4 yo daughter, 2 yo son, and 2 month old daughter plus 2 step-kids. I'll be sending my 17 year old step-daughter off to college in fall...and I'm "going back" to school. LOL

    I'll be taking self-directed courses until my littlest is 10 months old, since she is exclusively breast-fed right now. But in fall, I'll be able to take some courses in the classroom, while my husband stays with the kids. Thankfully, he is self-employed, so his schedule is flexible!!

  9. by   NurseAngie
    I just have to say that all of these children are so lucky to have parents like us! It is so hard to do what we do, but SOMEDAY it will all be worth it. (I really do pray that this is true. I come from humble means and I have always felt in my heart that I can make it.)

    I have two awesome boys~ Alex is 10 and Jared is 6. Dear hubby is active duty military and my sailor is headed to sea duty. I chose to come "home" and I am a full-time student. I am just filling in the rest of the basic courses, since I am going through a LPN-RN program. It's very motivating to know that there are many others just like me out there. I kind of feel isolated since I'm away from military bases and out in the country. Vastly different from Naples, Italy! (we just came back last month from a 3 year tour)

    Hope you all enjoy great success and see ya "on the boards"!
  10. by   Mkue
    Welcome Aboard Angie !!!

    You have to tell me about Italy, how exciting !!! My grandparents were from Italy !!!

    You won't feel isolated here, we are all in this together.

    Good Luck

  11. by   rachaelm4
    HI. This is my first posting at this site.. I have 2 girls, 5 & 6. I'm starting school in August.
  12. by   Mkue
    HI and WELCOME !!!

    You will like this BB it's so much fun and you will learn a lot.

    Good Luck this Fall !!

  13. by   marci3335
    I have three. An 8 yr old stepdaughter we get on weekends. A 6 yr old son and my 15 month old daughter. THey keep me busy!