Student nurse blood drive

  1. Hey guys, I gave a pint of o+ yesterday, and I was thinking that we could make a difference around the world with our international membership. So, I challenge you to join me in donating blood. Check in here and lets keep a pint tally.

    Oh come oh...the needle's not THAT big!!! hahahahaha

    Keep the faith!
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  3. by   Ortho_RN
    I donated a pint of O- last week actually... Well it ended up being more like a pint and a half.. Don't ask... Its a long story Our local blood bank called the nursing school and they only had one pint left.. So me, a classmate, and 2 of our teachers went up there and donated after class... They called again yesterday and they have 6 pints... YIKES!!!

    And as far as the needle not being big.. That is the size needle we use when we draw blood out of HORSES!!!!!!
  4. by   KRVRN
    I made the mistake of asking once... it's a 16 gauge needle...

    As big as a toothpick.
  5. by   Nrswannab
    I'm a regular B+ donor and am not eligible again until February 14th (very appropriate) since I just donated back in December. Prior to that, I had donated a few days before September 11th; I like to think that my blood helped out some of the victims although I don't know this as a fact.
  6. by   pkmom
    I've been trying for 6 years to give blood and I never have been able too. At first I didn't weigh enough, then I was slightly anemic, and then I was breastfeeding for 9/11. Maybe soon!
  7. by   Nrswannab
    PKMom - I'm right at 110 lbs and so far, have had no problems donating. You are a trooper for trying and perhaps one day you'll be able to!
  8. by   marieoct62
    Hi I have tried for a few years to donate, I use to be a regular blood donor but due to consistent low Hct counts am unable to, But I do volunteer for the blood drives by taking Hgb's and Temperatures. I will be eligible to do health historys when I finish my junior year. Even though I cannot donate I feel that I am at least contributing somehow to the Red Cross
  9. by   Lausana
    Ahh, PKmom, I remember the time when I didn't weigh enough...sigh...hopefully I'll be there again soon!

    I'll be donating again tomorrow, a local radio station is sponsoring a blood drive this week at the Red Cross--"Rock-and-Roll-up-your-sleeves". OK, I laughed, I have a goofy sense of humor
  10. by   KIMBA
    Hooray for everyone who gives blood! I donated my A+ just after Sept. 11th and again earlier this month. Keep up the good work and encourage others to do the same!
    Keep Well