Struggling with Medical Surgical Nursing

  1. I really have a hard time with Medical Surgical lately. I tried studying the material over and over. I read the book and notes twice or more just to retain the information but it seems that I cannot memorize all the nursing interventions. It's just too many. So I end up with getting low scores. I have done everything from answering study guides or practicing some NCLEX questions. I don't know what's wrong either my studying style or I am just getting old. I'm a lil depressed about this since I love this field. I feel like I'm giving up when I have barely 5 months left.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    What part of med/surg can't you grasp? There's a whole lot of it.

  4. by   ExCorporateRN
    Invest in the Straight A's in Nursing series books. The info is outlined in a bullet point format with NCLEX or nursing school style questions in the back of the chapters. Plus, there is a CD-Rom in the back of the book with tons of questions (I have seen some of these questions appear on exams) and the rationale.

    Med-Surg, Psych, Pharm, Ob, Peds, etc... are available.

    These books are set up to cut through all the extensive reading and learn the critical points along with meds you will see prescribed with these conditions and the nursing theory applied - assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and evaluation.

    Check out or you can find cheaper versions on or
  5. by   deeDawntee
    I remember going through the exact same thing you are describing: the sense that the old brain just can't absorb anymore, no matter how hard one tries. I don't know what to tell you but to keep pushing yourself through it. You need to commit yourself to the memorization that you need to do even if your brain is screaming, NO MORE!!

    Perhaps it would be helpful to visualize yourself in your role as a nurse when you are saving lives, educating, comforting and relieving pain and suffering because you will certainly be doing all that and more. Maybe that will help give you the extra energy you need to make it through these last few months. It will all be well worth it... keep a positive attitude and be sure you are getting adequate breaks as well as your study time.

    Keep on going, you are almost there!
  6. by   gemini_star
    Quote from Suesquatch
    What part of med/surg can't you grasp? There's a whole lot of it.

    Almost all.. I keep on mixing up meds with the different diseases and the nursing interventions.
  7. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from gemini_star
    Almost all.. I keep on mixing up meds with the different diseases and the nursing interventions.

    Just breathe and take a break once in awhile. In fact, if it's a lovely fall day in your part of the world put down the books and go take a 30 minute walk. That's an order. You'll come back refreshed and able to absorb at least some information.

  8. by   gemini_star
    I guess so... kinda messed up it all.
    Maybe I should try other studying approach. What are some best studying styles for Med-Surg?
  9. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    What I found worked best for me was to think in terms of nursing diagnoses.

    They describe the physical aspects of disease and dysfunction, which is what the interventions are all about.

    If you understand the interventions (they do make sense), and you understand the various disease processes, then the interventions and diseases will have a natural fit for you.

    At least it worked that way for me, and still does.

    I was never a memorizer, I always had to understand. But understanding gave me a basis for building on it with experience (which I am getting!). Memorizing doesn't really let you do that, although it can help you pass a test (I always found it harder than actually "learning" the material).

    I'm with the poster above--be sure you take some breaks.

    I would add, find a way to have some fun and make sure you eat well, sleep well and laugh a little each day.