stressed out!!!!

  1. help...i am so stressed out over my finals coming up that i cant seem to focus on studying. any suggestions? i feel i know the material covered until the test is in front of me then i totally blank out. please offer some advice here.
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  3. by   AnnieJac
    Oh man, I wish I could help ya, but I"m suffering with the same thing lol. I have 40 chapters to go over and I'm only to 20. Tomorrow I have to get my butt in gear. Don't stress, just go over it, skim, do whatever and just really focus. I'm sure your gonna do GREAT!:wink2:
  4. by   nursehottie
    unplug the computer and the tv. take a long hot bath, then focus.
  5. by   kjwalley
    hey annie good luck on your finals also
  6. by   nurse4theplanet
    dang...glad I am not the only one. I was soooooo bad off this last semester that I waited until the day before my comprehensive med/surg final to study!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the grace of God, I made a 90 and came out with a 90.8 avg. B is fine with me! Don't do like I did but remember

    C= continue!!!!!!:wink2:

    took me about 4 days to wind down after finals cuz I was so stressed out. it gets better though. I Promise!
  7. by   kjwalley
    hey hope you did well on your finals... i passed!!!!!!!!!!! with an 82 but hey i am happy
  8. by   oregonrene
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  9. by   AnnieJac
    I got a 82 also lol!!! WOO HOOO!!!! I still have that B in class tho. I'm happy. I'm not striving for A's anymore, I'm being happy with a B. I'm glad its over. Today I'm going to sit and read a fiction book allllll day LOL! You guys did a great job on your finals also. Were on to the next term! Way to go guys!!
  10. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    Quote from nursehottie
    unplug the computer and the tv. take a long hot bath, then focus.
    definitely a must, besides the bath part haha. but yea unplug the computer and the tv. i spent 5 days straight, 7 hr days reading over every chapter, every powerpoint and then making notecards which summed upto about 1200 and then still just passed the test and yes like the other girl said...

    c = continue haha :hatparty:
  11. by   1Tulip
    Just remember that a solid 6 to 8 hours of good sleep before a big exam is worth half to a whole grade. Can't tell you the number of people who cram the last nite, sleep a few hours and then come in and make boneheaded mistakes on their exam.